Whether you ride flat pedals or clipless, you need a good shoe to deliver power through the pedals. Here’s our pick of the best mountain bike shoes for sale today.…

how to jump

With the correct knowledge and the right approach anyone can get air. There’s no trick to jumping, anyone can go big with the proper technique.

Downhill switchbacks can catch you out if you go in unprepared. Here are some of the best (and worst) approaches to take.

Moon Meteor Storm Pro

The Moon Meteor Storm Pro is a USB rechargeable front light with 1700 Lumen output and a Boost mode that blasts out 2000 Lumens for 10 seconds.

scott metrix

The Scott Metrix SPD MTB shoe is all-day bike tour shoe, designed to ensure a sportive feel that is equally good for cycling and walking.

sidi dominator 7 mtb

The SiDi Dominator 7 MTB is an all-rounder: whether you're a racer, an adventurer, or a cross-country enthusiast, the Dominator is designed for you.

Three bike garage. This is where our favourite people pick their ultimate bike stable. This month’s are chosen by Chris Porter, Mojo Rising and GeoMetron founder.

garmin etrex 20

The Garmin eTrex 20 is equipped with a 2.2 inch colour screen. The casing is solidly resistant to dust, dirt, dampness and water.

garmin edge 820

The Garmin Edge 820 is a compact, touchscreen GPS cycling computer offering performance monitoring, bike-specific turn-by-turn navigation and more.

maxxis ikon+

The Maxxis Ikon+ has knob sizes and heights optimised for the higher volume and lower pressures of plus bikes, for the fastest trail riding experience.

Frames, forks and wheels can still be head for those of us who appreciate the little things in life.

garmin edge 25

Garmin Edge 25 tracks time, distance, speed and heart rate. Plan, download and follow new rides. Save, plan and share your activities. Water-resistant too.

Does lots of suspension mean lots of fun, or is a short-travel bike the ultimate grin-grower? Are Americans right? Is bigger always best?

“I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way”. There are some jaw-droppingly talented kids out there. Here are some faces to look…