Why CUBE’s exciting MTBs and eMTBs are the perfect way to start your off-road journey


Fast and technical downhills, exhilarating singletrack, the chance to get off-road and explore the countryside…

It’s easy to see why so many riders have been bitten by the mountain biking bug, but the world of MTB can often seem intimidating to beginners – especially when you’re faced with a vast array of highly technical bikes and even more technical jargon. Throw electric bikes into the equation and things can feel even more daunting.

Even if you’re still learning about the importance of geometry and groupsets, however, CUBE’s extensive range of CMPT bikes and Reaction Hybrid e-bikes ensure you’ll always be able to find a bike that fits. As well as being great news for newcomers to the sport, they’re versatile enough to be as comfortable on city streets as they are on the trails, meaning you don’t have to make that difficult choice between buying a road bike or an MTB.


CUBE’s CMPT range is designed to make getting out on the trails as accessible as possible. Hardtails (in other words, MTBs without rear suspension) are ideal for numerous disciplines of off-road cycling, and with their durable, low-weight aluminium frames, CMPT bikes offer safe and comfortable handling when you’re out in the wilderness. They’re also a comfortingly low-maintenance option, which is handy for newbies who don’t want to spend hours setting up their bike every time they ride.

The CUBE Attention, CUBE Aim, CUBE Analog and CUBE Acid are all available in a variety of specifications, featuring high quality components and options for mudguards, and even a potential dropper post upgrade to make your descents even more fun. Dive into the full CMPT range to find out what’s on offer.

CUBE Attention

Meanwhile, if you’ve decided the time is right to go electric, CUBE has also got you covered. After all, there are plenty of advantages to adding some extra power to your ride, whether you’re looking for assistance on the climbs so you can enjoy your descents even more, or simply travelling a few kilometres further than you have before.


Like the CMPT range, the CUBE Reaction Hybrid is available in a variety of styles and configurations, to help you find your perfect match. And because all the bikes are just as at home in urban environments as they are in the great outdoors, they’re are a wonderfully practical option for the daily commute or simply running errands around town. Don’t blame us if you start finding excuses to enjoy your bike while you’re waiting to get out on the trails at the weekend…

CUBE Reaction

Beyond this extensive selection of two-wheeled excitement, CUBE is also the place to go for all the essential accessories you need to get started in your new hobby – clothing, helmets, shoes, mudguards, bottle cages, pumps and more. And with plenty of specialist dealers waiting to advise you about your next bike – you can find your local CUBE supplier here – an exciting new adventure in the saddle is never far away.

Visit the CUBE website for more information on the CUBE CMPT range and the CUBE Reaction Hybrid.

CUBE Analog