ADVERTORIAL: Focus on the trail and ride your best, safe in the knowledge that the Bluegrass Vanguard Core full-face mountain bike helmet combines impressive lightweight performance while also meeting and exceeding the highest levels of protection certification.


Protection, style and design: the new Bluegrass Vanguard Core mountain bike helmet doesn’t just meet these parameters – it goes above and beyond them. Designed for mountain bikers and eMTB riders, this lightweight full-face helmet offers cutting edge design and stringently tested safety features for riders who like to ride hard, stay safe and look good.

Designed from the ground up, it features an integrated chin bar and visor, plenty of padding, ventilation to help with cooling and comfort, and a Fidlock magnetic buckle for easy use.

Bluegrass Vanguard Core mountain bike helmet advertorial

Protection above and beyond

To ride with confidence, you need to have confidence that the equipment you’ve chosen will perform perfectly. When it comes to helmets, the primary purpose is safety and protection, and the Bluegrass Vanguard doesn’t just meet expectations – it exceeds them.

It boasts MIPS – Multi Impact Protection System – an industry standard feature that helps protect the brain from multi-directional impacts and rotational forces.

It exceeds two major safety standards: the ASTM F192 and NTA 8776. The first is a downhill helmet certification that judges helmets against significantly more stringent testing protocols than regular mountain bike helmets, including chin bar safety. When tested, the Vanguard Core exceeded the deflection perimeters by 40%, and offered 23% more energy dissipation about the helmet over and above the standard pass value, while the chinbar exceeded the impact speed pass value by 14%.

Bluegrass Vanguard Core mountain bike helmet advertorial

The second standard – NTA8776 – is an eMTB standard. E-bike riders can experience significantly more momentum and force during crashes than regular analogue bikes, so having sufficient protection is critical. The Bluegrass Vanguard Core meets this standard, with a shell that offers greater impact tested coverage around the critical areas of the head: the rear and the temples.

And finally the Bluegrass Vanguard Core achieved an impressive five stars from the prestigious Virginia Tech Helmet Lab.

Bluegrass Vanguard Core mountain bike helmet advertorial

Comfort and style is key

Protection is critical, but if a helmet isn’t also comfortable then performance is compromised, which is why Bluegrass looked at every element of the Vanguard Core to ensure it outperformed in all areas.

It features comfortable wrap padding to offer a secure fit, plus innovative c-shaped cheek pads (available in two thicknesses_ which ensure air can flow, cooling the face and head. There are 24 vents around the helmet to channel that air over the face and scalp, and to allow warm moist air to be drawn out at the rear of the helmet.

Bluegrass Vanguard Core mountain bike helmet advertorial

A removable mud grill helps keep flying filth out of the rider’s face when needed, but can be popped off easily when conditions are dry. The helmet is of course goggle compatible, and boasts an integrated visor that is flexible and can breakaway in the event of a crash, ensuring that it doesn’t hook up or catch.

And finally a comfortable, secure fit is ensured by the Bluegrass Safe-T Heta Retention system, which keeps the helmet balanced and in place on the roughest of rides, plus an easy-to-use Fidlock magnetic buckle under the chin.

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