Online bike specialists Tredz have plenty of good reasons to get your shred on this winter


Cyclists of a more fairweather persuasion might opt to spend the colder months avoiding the wind and rain on their indoor trainers, but there’s no question winter is one of the best times to ride mountain bikes. Wet weather brings mud – and lots of it – and when you’re heading off road, that usually means fun. Staying clean on the trails was always overrated, anyway…

While other countries win out in terms of mountains, snow or winter sun, few can compete with the United Kingdom when it comes to pure, unadulterated mud, so why not embrace it by getting out on your MTB? Whether you ride electric, hardtail or even a gravel bike, this is the time of year when mountain biking really comes into its own. That’s why the online cycling experts at Tredz are encouraging riders to have some Fun in the Mud this winter, with some spectacular discounts on winter-friendly bikes and accessories to get you moving.

And Tredz know what they’re talking about, with cycling specialists on hand from 9am-10pm, seven days a week, to help you find the ideal bike to suit you and your budget. They also practise what they preach, having sent members of the team out in some very muddy conditions to put their kit through its paces.

Once you’ve got used to the reduced traction and start to master the drift, Tredz believe that cycling in the mud will make you a better rider in the summer months. “It’s great for developing your skills,” says Phil from the Tredz content team. “You’ll be riding with more confidence on dry summer trails if you’ve been honing your skills in the mud all winter.”

A cyclist riding a gravel bike in the mud.

Electric, hardtail and gravel bikes in the mud

Winter is also a time when you’ll really feel the benefits of an electric mountain bike, such as the Specialized Turbo Kenevo SL Comp Carbon 2022, the Giant Talon E+ 29” Sport 2022 or the Orbea Rise H30 2022. In fact, even when conditions are bad, there are very few limits to the trails you can ride on an e-MTB. “The great thing about riding an electric mountain bike in wet and muddy conditions is you have extra power on tap to help you plough through the gloop,” says Phil. “This means I can run dedicated mud tyres at very low tyre pressures. I get maximum grip without worrying about the extra rolling resistance slowing me down on the climbs.”

The biggest strength of a hardtail mountain bike in muddy conditions, meanwhile, is simplicity – with fewer moving parts, there’s less to get clogged up. Tredz have big discounts on loads of top hardtails, including the GT Aggressor Expert 2022, the Specialized Rockhopper 2023 and the Cannondale Trail 7 2022, and they’re a brilliant way to have lots of fun sliding around on two wheels. “As a converted roadie, a hardtail mountain bike is my ideal partner when riding off-road,” says Jack in Tredz’ content team. “The geometry on an XC hardtail like the Orbea Onna is the closest to a road bike. I felt comfortable on it straight away. With front suspension and wider tyres it’s a great way to have fun on muddy trails.” 

And, befitting their reputation for versatility, gravel bikes (like the Specialized Diverge E5 Elite 2022 or the Marin Gestalt 2022) are also a great way to ride slippery off-road tracks while improving your handling skills.  I’m a newbie gravel rider and I’d only ridden my Specialized Diverge on roads and cycle paths previously,” says Emily from Tredz’ social media team. “Cycling through the mud tested the capabilities of my bike as well as my bike handling skills. Riding on muddy tracks was a new experience for me and I loved it. Next time I’ll get mudguard to keep my face clean.”

In other words, there’s no reason not to head outside this winter to get your shred on – and Tredz is the place to go for bikes and accessories designed to maximise your Fun in the Mud.

A cyclist riding through a muddy forest

7 pieces of kit to help you have more Fun in the Mud


A good front mudguard will stop spray and dirt from flicking up at you and your bike. As well as protecting your frame, it’ll help you see where you’re going, which has to be a good thing.
Try: RRP ProGuard front mudguard

Mud tyres

On slippery winter trails, you’ll want tyres that can deliver as much traction as possible. When riding an e-MTB, rolling resistance is less of a concern so you can opt for stickier rubber compounds.
Try: Specialized Hillbilly  

MTB jacket

A good MTB jacket is arguably an essential part of your kit all year round in the UK, but it’s particularly important to have a breathable and waterproof outer shell when you’re riding in muddy conditions through winter.
Try: Endura SingleTrack jacket 

MTB trousers 

When it’s too cold and wet for shorts, you’ll want some quality protection for your legs. A good pair of waterproof cycling trousers will keep the elements at bay while offering plenty of freedom of movement.
Try: Endura MT500 Spray trousers 

MTB shoes

Muddy conditions = slippery conditions, so you’ll need footwear that maximises friction. A good pair of flat MTB shoes will grip your pedals, while also giving you the freedom to put your foot down when necessary.
Try: Five Ten Free Rider MTB shoes

Waterproof socks

Nothing puts a dampener on time in the great outdoors quite like cold, wet feet. Investing in waterproof socks is a brilliant way to make sure your day in the mud doesn’t stop being fun.
Try: Sealskinz waterproof all weather mid length socks  

Bike cleaner 

When you’re riding in mud, it comes with the territory that your bike will need some serious post-ride TLC to keep it in tip-top condition. Luckily, there are plenty of specialist cleaning products to keep your bike sparkling.
Try: Muc-Off Nano Tech bike cleaner