Wherever you want to ride, the COMMENCAL Meta V5 range is ready for the trails


Buying a mountain bike is a very personal thing. When you’re looking to get out on the trails, there’s no such thing as one size fits all, because an MTB doesn’t just have to fit the rider – it has to be able to handle the type (or types) of cycling they want to do.

COMMENCAL was founded in Andorra in 2000, and the brand has been honing its craft ever since, precision engineering bikes to be ready for whatever terrain they’re about to face. Having cemented its reputation as one of the leading names in downhill MTB racing – winning numerous events along the way – COMMENCAL is taking everything it’s learned in the DH field and applying it to enduro. The brand hasn’t been half-hearted about the new discipline, either, having launched its own factory team to help reach its goal of creating the best mountain bike possible. 

Over the last four years, the COMMENCAL Enduro Project has been integral to the development of a pair of brand new enduro-focused bikes. Now, 28 evolutions later, the COMMENCAL Meta V5 and COMMENCAL Meta SX V5 are ready to hit the trails – and while they’re closely related, they have very different strengths when they’re out in the wild.

The Meta V5 is an enduro bike designed to deal with whatever terrain is thrown in its direction. This fast, easy-handling 29er features the new Virtual Contact System (VCS), a suspension system that provides a smooth ride while helping to maximise pedal efficiency for the rider. With 150mm of rear travel (though COMMENCAL believe it feels like more), the VCS is custom-made to absorb big shocks, as well as enhancing grip and your sensitivity to small bumps. The theory goes that if the bike’s taking care of the rough bits, you can concentrate on what’s in front of you.



The geometry of the Meta V5’s aluminium frame is based on years of COMMENCAL expertise, and designed to keep things efficient and lively on the trails. A built-in flip chip also allows the rider to adjust the bike’s geometry to modify its behaviour in different conditions – a high setting is advantageous when you’re going to be more intensive on the pedals, while a low position prepares the bike up for steeper sections of downhill.

Crucially, the frame is UDH ready and has been designed in tandem with the bike’s kinematics and components to create a fully integrated package. This joined-up thinking is highlighted by the chainstays, whose set-up varies according to the size of bike in order to maintain the best weight distribution between the two wheels. COMMENCAL has even taken steps to manage the deformation of the rear triangle to enhance traction with the trail – the result, it says, is a bike that’s not only easy to ride, but also saves energy for the rider. 

For all its adventures in enduro, however, COMMENCAL hasn’t neglected more gravity-oriented rides. The Meta V5’s more aggressive cousin, the Meta SX V5, is described as a mini-downhill bike, and it has plenty of clever features that ensure it’s perfectly at home in bike parks, over jumps and when the gradient gets steep. 

The Meta SX V5 comes with VCS kinematics and improved 165mm travel to make your descents even more fun. It also has a mullet set-up, with a 27” wheel at the back and a 29” wheel up front. Having a larger wheel beneath your handlebars is good news for your steering – particularly on steep sections. Meanwhile, the mullet configuration allows you to maintain control without sacrificing agility – as you might with a larger rear wheel – when the gradient increases. The fact the bike gives you extra clearance over your rear tyre is another significant benefit – especially in the event of sudden drops – while the adaptable chainstay length will give you more confidence in the jumps. 



And though the Meta V5 has no bridge in the rear triangle between seatstays – this results  in increased flex, which is important for manoeuvrability and comfort on during long enduro rides – the Meta SX V5’s bridge adds extra stiffness to your set-up. This offers more noticeable feedback from the rear of the bike, an attribute that’s highly desirable in bike parks.

Both the new Meta V5 and the new Meta SX V5 are built to be totally in their element in their respective environments, and if you want to refine them further to fit around you, there are plenty of options on the COMMENCAL website. 

Buying a mountain bike remains a deeply personal thing, and the ALC (À La Carte) programme on COMMENCAL’s website makes it easy to configure your dream bike based on the Meta V5 and Meta SX 55 platforms. You also have the option to select internal cable routing, or add optional extras such as fenders, bike shields and tyre inserts during the purchase process.

Once you’ve chosen your design, your bike can be professionally assembled by COMMENCAL technicians and shipped to you almost ride-ready. Alternatively, you have the option to get the parts delivered to you in boxes so you can undertake your own build.

Prices for the Meta V5 range from €3,700 for the Ride option to €6,400 for the Signature, while prices for the Meta SX V5 start at €4,000 for the Ride, climbing to €6,900 for the Signature. Both models are available to pre-order now – maybe you can find your perfect match with the COMMENCAL Meta V5 or Meta SX V5.

To find out more about the COMMENCAL Meta V5 and the COMMENCAL Meta SX V5, visit commencal.com