ADVERTORIAL The Strive:ON is the eMTB version of Canyon’s race-winning Strive enduro bike. 


E-Enduro burst onto the world stage in 2020 with a thrilling new format specifically designed for e-bikes. In the electrified version, Liaison Stages play a pivotal role with tighter than ever timings and a ton more singletrack.

If you’re venturing into this exciting new world, you’ll want a bomb-proof bike with race-proven handling; a bike with updated geometry that can munch up the monster eMTB climbs and go all-out for descents on the race course and beyond.

Why E-Enduro?

For those already into enduro racing, e-enduro is a no brainer: more trails in less time, more descents, and steeper, technical climbs that actually count towards your points – what’s not to like?

E-Enduro races retain the same characteristics as standard enduro races, but with courses designed specifically for e-bikes, and stricter time limits incurring penalties if you don’t make it. Typically 8-14 stages per day including one or two very short, technical climbs as a special Power Stage, and in all you’ll spend around four hours on the bike with 3000m of climbing in a one day E-Enduro race.

Growing popularity in enduro racing has seen the Enduro World Series (EWS) and E-Enduro World Series (EWS-E) become a new addition to the UCI MTB World Series. This year EWS and EWS-E joins the Cross Country and Downhill international competition calendar, providing a pathway to the highest level for riders who have what it takes to progress to elite levels.

Amateurs can sign up to race the same EWS-E course as the pros, and a country-wide calendar of local amateur E-Enduro events means anyone can have a go.

Canyon Strive:ON advertorial

Why the Strive:ON? Canyon’s all-new E-Enduro machine

The Strive:ON is the long-awaited e-enduro sibling of Canyon’s race-winning Strive, whether you’re racing or want an aggro trail eMTB with Enduro roots.

The new format of E-Enduro places highly specific demands on both its riders and bikes, and the Strive:ON has been designed from the ground up to meet and exceed those demands.

It’s faster and more furious than its analogue predecessor. It has the same race-proven DNA of the Strive, but a bomb-proof Bosch motor with rapid motor response and sustained torque delivery unleashes its full potential – and the potential of the riders who jump aboard.

A mullet set up and progressive geometry with 170mm front, 160mm rear suspension, steep seat tube and controllable head angle blends power for crushing the steepest climbs, with a race-ready carbon chassis to go all out on the descents.

Canyon Strive:ON advertorial

Plugging the gap between the Spectral:ON and Torque:ON

The Strive:ON plugs the gap to sit comfortably in the middle of Canyon’s eMTB line up.

On the left, the playful and powerful Spectral:ON, the lighter all-rounder trail e-MTB designed for long days in the saddle and tearing up the trails in less time. On the right, the rage-defying Torque:ON downhill beast, built for big mountains and massive jump lines as tough as the Redbull Rampage.

And now in the middle sits the Strive:ON: the ultimate aggro trail and e-Enduro race machine opening up a world of tech and gnar above and beyond your local trail centre.

The eMTB racing box has finally been ticked to complete Canyon’s eMTB repertoire.

The spec

The Strive:ON comes in sizes Small to XL and features:

  • 170mm front and 160mm rear suspension.
  • 625WH battery, with option to upgrade to 750Wh for additional €200 (625WH only on small frame).
  • Mullet wheel set up to improve acceleration an agility.
  • 25mm bottom bracket offset for improved pedal clearance on rocky, technical trails.
  • Two types of motor to choose from:
  • Bosch CX Performance Motor on the CFR Underdog and CFR models or the CX Race Motor on the flagship CFR LTD.
  • Moto-inspired skid sled under the bottom bracket with super tough design to protect the chainring and motor.
  • Clean internal cable routing for a slick cockpit
  • Mounting points for on-bike storage with bottle cage and top tube storage bag.
  • Double bearing seals and replaceable pivot threads to avoid terminal damage of the frame.

Price starts from £5,699.

Smartphone connectivity with the Bosch app

The Strive:ON comes equipped with a bomb-proof Bosch motor and smartphone connectivity via the Bosch eBike Flow app. This is your digital control centre for your Strive:ON – where you can control and adapt the smart system from the palm of your hand.

Choose your riding mode, plan routes, analyse ride data and protect your bike from theft using the alarm and Lock function.

The Strive:ON is available now at insert link. Whether you’re hooked on racing or just want a fast-paced, hard-hitting trail machine, the Strive:ON will have you wired for speed.

Article by Tess Agnew