ADVERTORIAL | Whether you're looking for kids balance bikes for the smallest family members, propper off-road or jump bikes for the adventurous tweens and teens in the house, or a great value bike for the grownups to share and lead the holiday adventures, CUBE has you covere.


There’s surely nothing better than zipping along in the fresh air, out in the sunshine, exploring and having adventures with the whole family. Bikes are the perfect adventure vehicle for summer family holidays, and CUBE has every bike an active family could need

Founded in 1993 by Marcus Purner, CUBE is one of the top three most popular bike brands in the UK and Ireland, and are market leaders in several countries. CUBE bikes are sold through over 300 highly rated bike shops in the UK, as well as two CUBE flagship stores in Southampton and Gloucester. This means you’re able to head in store to check out the bikes in person, ask for expert advice on which bike is best for you (and the kids!), and ensure you get the right size and most comfortable option for every type of riding you want to experience.

CUBE also has an absolutely huge selection of bikes. It produces everything from well-thought-out kids push and balance bikes, to adult bikes that are perfect for riding with the family, right through to premium full-suspension bikes that have been raced by elite athletes in world series races.

CUBE Kids bike range

The perfect family adventure bike set up

If you’re looking for the perfect bikes for your family for a summer of riding, CUBE has something for everyone, from the smallest member of the family  to the grownups and grandparents.

For the kids, a great bike that fits well, supports their riding and is fun to ride is a must. CUBE designed bikes for kids with the same care and attention as it takes designing bikes for adults, so quality and safety comes as standard. In store, staff can advise what bike is best depending on the child’s age, height and type of riding they like to do. There’s also an excellent online guide.

CUBIE 120 kids balance walk bike

CUBIE 120 kids bike

2 – 4 years: Cubie 120 and Cubie 120 Wakie

For the littlest kids, there’s the Cubie 120. Available as either walk / balance bike or with pedals, it has comfy tyres that are perfect for exploring and the seat height is adjustable. Both bikes come with a rear mudguard and front brake, and in a range of colours to suit every kid!

Cube 160 kids bike

CUBE 160 kids bike

3 – 5 years: Cubie 160

Ready to pedal? For 3 to 5 year olds who like to go fast, the Cubie 160 is a first proper bike complete with v-brakes front and back for stopping power. Made from lightweight aluminium that’s easy for little legs to power, the frame also has rounded edges on all features and edges.

CUBE Acid 200 Disc

CUBE Acid 200 Disc

5 – 7 years: Cubie 180, Reaction 200, Ella 200, Acid 200

Looking for brilliant, tough, beautiful kids bikes that are versatile enough to handle everything from holiday adventures to the daily ride to school? There’s lots of choice!

The Cubie 180 adds bigger wheels to the sturdy light aluminium frame, inspired by the same work that goes into the adult Cube bikes. It has v-brakes front and back, a rigid fork, and versatile tyres.

The Ella 200 has a dropped frame, built-in pannier rack, mudguards and even lights, it’s perfect for adventuring. Or if you’re looking for something lighter and more performance-focussed, the Reaction 200 adds a full carbon fork with thru axle, disc brakes and a replaceable mech hanger to make repairs easier.

And if your little one is all about off-road adventures, then the Acid 200 is the bike for them. Rugged, with disc brakes, lights and removable mud-guards, it’s inspired by CUBE’s adult mountain bikes.

CUBE Elite 240 kids bike

CUBE Elite 240

7 – 9 years: Elite 240, Stereo 240, Reaction 240, Acid 240, Ella 240

Bigger kids need bigger wheels, and the 240 versions of the Reaction, Acid and Ella take all the best bits from these bikes, boost the frame sizes and boost the wheel sizes to suit taller children.

Kids at this age group also get the option of the Elite 240, a full-carbon off-road race bike for the budding XC champion in the family, or the Stereo 240, a scaled-down version of the full-suspension CUBE Stereo mountain bike that’s ideal for exploring and tackling technical mountain bike trails.

CUBE Flying Circus 240

CUBE Flying Circus 240

9 – 11 years: Flying Circus 240 and Acid 260

For kids who just can’t keep their feet – or their wheels – on the ground, there’s the Flying Circus 240. Designed for jumping, jumping and more jumping, it’s ideal for pump tracks and jump parks and trails with light aluminium frame, suspension forks and disc brakes. Whip it up!

Or there’s the Acid 260, a hardtail mountain bike that’s versatile enough to handle everything from mountain bike trails to the school run to adventures with friends.

CUBE Sterio 140 youth mountain bike

CUBE Stereo 140 youth full-suspension bike

10+ age: Elite Rookie, Stereo 120 Rookie, Stereo 140 Rookie, NuRoad Rookie, Flying Circus

Get ready to fly, whip, race, shred, shralp, explore and adventure, because rookie riders get a whole raft of amazing bikes to choose from. From bigger versions of the carbon XC Elite to a youth-sized full-suspension Stereo with either 120mm or 140mm of travel, to the air-time ready Flying Circus, whatever your kid loves to ride, CUBE has the perfect bike for them. There’s even the NuRoad in a rookie size for those gravel explorations.

CUBE Attention hard tail mountain bike

Adults, parents and grownups

For grownups who want to keep up with their speedy offspring, Cube recommends opting for an electric bike. There’s the Reaction hardtail, or the Stereo full-suspension bike for proper trail adventures. The advantage of an eMTB is that for younger kids it makes it easy to tow them up climbs, or keep up with the energy levels they have so you can keep riding as long as they want to.

Or if you like to pedal as hard as the kids, CUBE has plenty of reasonably-priced, high quality mountain bikes that are just the ticket. These range from aluminium-framed hard tails like the Access, Attention and Aim, through to the alloy-framed full-suspension Stereo.

Find out more

The CUBE website is the first stop for exploring the full CUBE range, which offers great quality at an honest price.

Whether you’re looking for a playful full-suspension bike for exploring wild trails, a rugged gravel bike, a trekking bike for long-distance adventures, or the perfect kids bike to give your little ones a love of riding, you’re sure to find the right bike for the right price with CUBE.