Is your local riding hotspot on the list for our Trail of the Year awards? Time to get voting!

We’re celebrating the hard-working folk responsible for the trails we love to ride with our MBR Trail of the Year competition in association with SRAM.

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trail of the year

Revolution Bike Park’s freeride zone is not for the faint-hearted

Is your local riding hotspot on the list for our Trail of the Year awards? Time to get voting!

If we were in any doubt about how important it is to celebrate and fete the trails we ride, the last 12 months have blown those doubts away. Yes it’s been a year since our 2018 Trail of the Year awards and in that time we’ve had brutal news that Wales won’t get open access riding: Before a swift U-turn from the Welsh government to announce that yes, they would look at changing access rights afterall. Talk about snatching success from the jaws of victory.

Of course there are lots of reasons for the change of heart, but the good news followed a nation-wide consultation TrailsforWales run by OpenMTB and Cycling UK that saw overwhelming support from the 16,000 people who responded. Clearly political pressure works, and we all need to shout loudly and proudly about where we ride and the good it does us and the community as a whole.

Naturally then, we’re bringing back our Trail of the Year awards for 2019, designed to showcase the riding spots that have really done it for you in the past 12 months. Perhaps you’ve just started riding and there are some terrific blue trails that just make you want to get out there, or maybe there are some great red or black graded trails helping you step it up and master challenging trail features. Or perhaps you’re not interested in progression at all, you just know a great trail when you see one and love riding it.

Whatever your motivation we need your votes — we’ve put together a list of some of the newest and greatest trails from 2018 and 2019. Once again the list has been split into two categories, the Best Commercially Built Trail and Best Volunteer Built Trail and we’re asking you to nominate the trails you think are deserving of being awarded the title. And, just like last year, SRAM is supporting the award too, with an award of £2,000 to the winning volunteer build. So not only will your local haunt get the bragging rights for the win, they’ll claim vital trail building funds too.

There’s been so much trail development in the last 12 months it’s not going to be an easy award to win though. From big commercial ventures like Bike Park Wales, new-builds like Dyfi Bike Park and the stunning Bomper trail at Black Mountains Cycle Centre, through to grass-roots digs at the Forest of Dean, Queen Elizabeth Country Park, and the Golfie at Innerleithen: It feels like no corner of the UK has been untouched by trail work.

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SRAM says…

“SRAM’s number-one goal is ot inspire people to ride bikes, and that matches the main goal of trail building – build great trails, enjoy great rides. It’s thanks to the passionate, hardworking trail crews and volunteers that we have some of the best riding locations in the world.

“We’re excited to partner with mbr to show our appreciation and support for the trails we have in the UK. Thanks for all the hard work trial builders – catch you out riding soon.” – Alex Rafferty, SRAM.

The winners of last year’s MBR Trail of the Year

Trail of the Year

Revolution Bike Park – Freeride Trail

Last year’s Winner of Best Commercially Built Trail: Revolution Bike Park – Freeride Trail

Trail of the Year

QECP Trail Collective – Blue Trail

Last year’s Winner of Best Volunteer Built Trail: QECP Trail Collective – Blue Trail

Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Blessed Are The Trail Builders

Our winners as well as the other nominees prove that trail building is alive, well and on the increase. As more riders get together and look to create and maintain the trails that they ride week in and week out we all benefit. Mountain biking as a sport is maturing and with it comes progress, responsibility and a realisation that we have the power to shape where we ride, whether that’s with our words, our wallets or our spades.

“The winners of this years awards, Queen Elizabeth Country Park and Revolution Bike Park, are two brilliant examples of passion and hard work being combined with careful planning and development to deliver inspirational places to ride bikes.” says Alex at SRAM and we agree. The ability to inspire people to ride their bikes is what a great trail has always done, we look forward to seeing where they take us in 2019.