This smart and powerful e-MTB is equally at home on the road and on the trails


Going electric has put a whole new spin on mountain biking. You get all the fun of fast downhills and challenging singletracks, with the added bonus of extra power on the climbs when you need it. Unfortunately, unless you’re a pro rider, you probably don’t get to take your pride and joy off road quite as often as you’d like. In fact, the realities of modern life mean that most of your time in the saddle is probably spent on commutes or running errands. Wouldn’t it be great if you had one bike that could do it all?

That’s where the extremely versatile CUBE Reaction Hybrid Race comes into its own. This sophisticated e-MTB combines all the ruggedness and easy handling you’d expect from a CUBE Reaction mountain bike with an integrated Bosch power unit that gives you pedal assistance whenever you need it – whether you’re on the road or on the trail.

With its agile ride geometry, internal cable routing and elegant aluminium frame – featuring the curved top tube that’s synonymous with CUBE – the Reaction Hybrid Race doesn’t compromise on style. In fact, the only obvious giveaway that the bike is electric is the oversized down tube, chunkier than usual to accommodate the battery.

For those times when you’re letting your hair down at the weekend, the CUBE Reaction Hybrid Race has all the specs you’d expect from a quality hardtail MTB. That means front suspension with 100mm travel, Shimano BR-MT420 hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Deore gears and 2.6″ Schwalbe Smart Sam tyres, all of which combine to give you an agile and fun ride when you’re clocking up the miles away from the tarmac.

If you need to use your e-MTB to get around town, meanwhile, the CUBE Reaction Hybrid Race is equally at home in an urban environment. It comes with a luggage rack, a handy saddlebag for tools, and front and rear mudguards – after all, nobody wants to arrive at work or an important social engagement looking like they’ve just had a close encounter with a muddy cycle track. To help with parking, there’s a handy kickstand and a lock mounted on the frame. And for those times you need to get younger members of the family from A to B, it’s easy to hook the Reaction Hybrid Race up to the CUBE kids trailer (available separately).

Cube Reaction Hybrid RaceWherever you’re cycling, the smooth Bosch Performance Line CX motor is on hand to supply you with an additional 250W of power and 85Nm of torque. It’s easy to charge – at home or when you’re on the go – and also comes with various output modes that can adapt to how you want to ride. The economical Tour+ mode can help you conserve battery life on longer rides, for example, while Extended Boost will give you an extra kick when you want to negotiate challenging climbs or troublesome obstacles on the trail. And best of all, the smart eMTB mode is designed specifically for mountain biking, and will ease off on the power when you don’t need it, and give you a bit more punch (up to 340% of your own effort) when you do.

All this functionality can be easily managed via the intuitive Bosch eBike Flow app, which allows you to customise various motor settings (including speed and torque) from your smartphone. That’s not all the app can do, either – as well as helping keep your bike’s software up-to-date, built-in security features such as a lock function (which allows you to use your phone as a digital key) help to make your bike safer.

So whether you want to shred some trails or make the daily ride into work a pleasure, the CUBE Reaction Hybrid Race could be the only bike you ever need.

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