ADVERTORIAL Troy Lee Designs launches its first e-bike certified helmet with the Flowline and Flowline SE

It’s eight years since Troy Lee Designs’ game-changing A1 half shell trail helmet took the market by storm, and in true TLD style, the Flowline is set to be the best e-bike helmet available. It’s certainly the safest and most stylish e-bike helmet you can buy at this price point right now.

Electric bikes are everywhere, and e-bike tech is evolving fast. Of all the cycling disciplines, e-MTB is leading the way*, with e-mountain bikers riding further, faster and more frequently all year round compared to other cyclists.

As more riders choose to power up their mtb life, the need for premium e-bike specific protection increases – especially e-bike helmets. Everything comes at you faster on an e-bike, so it’s even more important to stay switched on and focused on the trail, and keep your head protected. Staying rubber side down is always the goal but as every rider will know, crashes do happen – and when they happen on an e-bike, they can happen faster, harder, and with a bit less warning.

So it’s a good job Troy Lee Designs have got you covered (literally), with the new MIPS-equipped, extended coverage Flowline and Flowline SE e-bike helmet. Featuring the usual TLD signature style but with bold block colours from a stylish custom palette, the all-new Flowline half shell helmet has been handpicked by the pros with comfort, coverage and the highest safety standards at the forefront of its design.

Why is it a good idea to have a helmet designed for e-bikes?

Put simply, because e-MTBs are heavier, and faster, and that means you crash harder. The motor, battery and other electrical components can easily take the overall weight of a bike up to at least 22kg. More weight means more power, more torque, more speed, more fun – and potentially a much harder impact if you do come off your bike.

Most e-bikes will clock up to around 20mph but when gravity takes hold on the trails it’s easy to push speeds nearer 30. The Flowline’s NTA8776 e-bike certification and 5-star Virginia Tech rating means it’s been rigorously tested at 40km or 27.9mph for faster e-bike speeds, so you can relax into your flow with the maximum full coverage protection.

Some crashes happen in slow motion – and with the Flowline SE, you’re covered for that too – with the EPS dual-density giving extra protection for low speed impacts.

Flowline Helmet: Minimal, modern and sleek, with the highest safety rating

Troy Lee Designs A1 helmet

Both the Flowline and SE e-bike helmets feature a minimal, modern and sleek design to match the casual vibe of the TLD Flowline kit, with full-wrap in-mould construction for added comfort and a weight of just 363g.

Speaking of comfort, the Flowline is fully adjustable for a second-skin fit, with a full 360-degree retention system and a three-way adjustable screwless visor to suit the weather and ride conditions and fit goggles or glasses underneath. The removable, hand-washable antimicrobial comfort liner comes in four parts or upgraded to a two-piece liner in the SE.

A total of 14 vents bring maximum air flow for those long, hot climbs, and the SE model comes with a Fidlock magnetic chin strap for intuitive, pinch-free, single-handed use even with gloves on. Once you get a magnetic helmet strap, you won’t go back!


Both models are equipped with the highest-attainable 5-star Virginia Tech safety rating and MIPS technology to protect the brain against rotational impact. With the B-Series MIPS Rotational Protection system, the shell of the helmet will rotate around the head upon impact.

On the SE model the extended deep coverage at the back is wrapped in EPS dual density and a splash of contrasting colour in two-tone matt and gloss for a premium, clean finish.

The Flowline’s NTA8776 certification makes it the perfect choice for riders hitting their local trails or cruising the street

 *Study commissioned by British Cycling in partnership with Forestry England.

Article by Tess Agnew