Save some cash and keep your dropper post running good as new with a few simple tools and a step-by-step guide

OneUp Components, based in the mountain biking heaven of Squamish, BC, knows a thing or two about components, and they also know a thing or two about riding in inclement weather, and how important it is to keep your kit running smoothly. More reliable kit means less time waiting and more time riding, so it works hard to ensure its products are durable, and are easy to service at home.

The OneUp V2 Dropper Post is one of the brand’s best-selling items. It’s not only the longest dropper you can fit in your bike, and it not only comes in lengths to suit every size rider from XS to XXL, it’s also very simple to install, manage and maintain.

This is because the V2 Dropper Post is based around a simple, cable-actuated design with a sealed cartridge and minimal moving parts. This makes it reliable, durable, and it doesn’t require bleeding or equalising like many other dropper seat posts on the market. It also makes servicing it at home super easy.

And to make it even easier, OneUp Components have created step-by-step online service manuals, and all you need is a few common tools, plus all replacement parts and service kits can be sent out to you directly and rapidly, and all are held in stock and available via the OneUp Components website.

OneUp V2 Dropper Post quick grease service

To keep your V2 Dropper Post running well, you should consider servicing it every 50 – 100 hours of riding time, depending on the conditions. Doing a regular quick grease service is simple and will help improve the longevity of your post, and you should also consider doing a clean and regrease service or a service rebuild.

You’ll need:

  • Strap wrench
  • Waterproof grease (ie. Slickoleum, Slick Honey)
  • Lint free cloth

This easy service can be completed on the bike. Depending on the conditions in which you ride, this service can be performed as regular as every 25 hours of riding. Keeping you upper bushing and dust wiper clean and greased will greatly prolong the life of your dropper.

Step 1: Compress dropper and loosen mid cap assembly

Wipe any grit or debris away from the dust wiper and upper tube. Compress the dropper post into a mid travel position.

Unscrew the mid cap assembly by hand or using a strap wrench and slide it up towards the seatpost head.

Step 2: Remove and clean upper bushing

Trigger remote to release dropper to full extension. The upper bushing will come up out of the lower tube with the upper tube. Once you can access the upper bushing, remove it from the upper tube. Clean the bushing, inside and out, then clean the upper tube below the mid cap assembly.

Step 3: Grease and install upper bushing

Grease the upper bushing, inside and out, with your light suspension grease. You can also apply some grease to the upper tube just above the lower tube. Slide upper bushing pack over upper tube. Slide the mid cap assembly down the upper tube, pushing the upper bushing until it is sitting partially into the lower tube.

Step 4: Compress dropper and tighten mid cap assembly

Trigger the remote and compress the dropper. This action should pull the upper bushing further into the lower tube. You can now thread the mid cap assembly onto the lower tube. Start the threads by hand and once it is hand tight, snug it up with your strap wrench.

NOTE: If there is more grease than necessary, it will weep out through the dust wiper after some cycling. This is normal. If you do notice any excess grease above or around the mid cap assembly be sure to wipe it away so it doesn’t attract unwanted grit. This weeping of excess grease should only last a ride or two.

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