Challenge yourself with the ultimate mountain biking adventure in the Moroccan Desert with the ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco stage race. 


Six stages, 600 kilometres, and the ultimate adventure. If you’re looking to challenge yourself and push your limits, the ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco mountain bike stage race is for you. Have you got what it takes to become a Titan?

Taking the spirit of the iconic Dakar rally and transposing it to mountain bikes, the event takes place in the stunningly beautiful landscape of the Moroccan Desert.

The six stages of racing will take you over endless shimmering plains, ever-shifting sand dunes and ancient rocky landscapes. You’ll navigate the route by GPS, sleep in traditional haimas or tents in the middle of the desert in a fully-equipped camp, and experience the camaraderie of riding, relaxing and camping together with like-minded riders.

The ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco 2023 will be the eighteenth edition of this race, and while the support, logistics and infrastructure are better than ever, the heart, soul and spirit of the original event are the same: “Live your life, Reach your purpose, Be a Titan.”

ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco 2023

The 2023 edition of the race takes place between the 30th April and the 5th May, and attracts a wide range of participants, from pro riders hunting for glory and triumph to driven and adventurous amateur riders, all linked by a common goal; to put their all into this challenge.

This race will put stamina and skill to the test, with over 600 kilometres of racing over six stages, and terrain ranging from sand to rock to dusty plains.

And while this might be a race, out on the desert sands all riders are companions and team-mates, not rivals. Every rider from pro to amateur will ride side by side across the desert landscape together, live and camp together, and share the experience. The atmosphere is supportive, encouraging, electric; there is solidarity and community to be found riding with a group that shares a united ambition.

This potent mix is transformational. Forged in the desert, each rider emerges from this adventure a stronger, more purposeful version of themselves.

This is more than a simple mountain bike race. This is a true adventure, a test of your mental and physical strength, and an experience you’ll never forget. You don’t just complete this race – you become a Titan.