ADVERTORIAL: Comfort, performance and style, the magic combination that each Northwave jersey offers

If you want to have the best experience on your bike, comfort is key, and that comes down to the individual performance of every element of your bike and kit. It’s easy to only think about bikes and specs, but what you wear plays a huge part – as anyone who’s ever been for a ride with an uncomfortable jersey or an ill-fitting pair of shoes will know! That’s why Northwave focuses its expertise on creating the very best kit with technical fabrics, functional design and a whole load of style so you can focus on enjoying every moment of your ride.

What to look for in the best mountain bike jerseys

Mountain bike jerseys have a number of technical elements that are designed to ensure comfort and performance for the specific rigours of technical off-road riding. These include ensuring freedom of movement, breathability, comfortable fit and fabric choice.

Northwave’s mountain bike jersey range has a relaxed fit, allowing for plenty of movement as you move your body to adapt to the terrain, and also leaving ample space for pads and body armour.

Long- and short-sleeve options give both choice based on personal style and preference, but also weather conditions. Long sleeves don’t just offer additional coverage for low temperatures, but can also offer physical sun protection.

Fabric choice is a big one, and Northwave offer thermal jerseys for keeping riders warm when the weather gets cold, but also highly breathable, vented jerseys to help wick away moisture from the body and allow air flow, so riders don’t overheat when the sun is shining hard. These also dry quickly, so even if you get sweaty, your jersey won’t sag and rub.

Sizing is also important for comfort and performance, so Northwave’s sizing guide – located next to the product information on the Northwave website – gives accurate measurements for each item plus information on how to find the right size for you.

Northwave’s key mountain bike jerseys

With its heritage in mountain sports and dedication to providing the best quality technical garments possible, Northwave has produced an extensive range of mountain bike jerseys (and shorts, trousers, liner shorts and shoes) to suit every type of riding and discipline of mountain bike racing.

Northwave Jersey advertorial

Blade Jersey – short sleeve

This fitted jersey is ideal for hot-weather exertion, marathon racing and cross-country riders, with breathability built in. The fabric features microscopic pores to help wick moisture away from the skin and provide a cooling effect, while super-breathable 3D mesh inserts on each side offer even more ventilation.

Key features: 

  • Silicone elastic waist gripper
  • YKK full reverse zip with camlock puller and zip flap
  • 3 rear pockets
  • Full reflective border across pocket area

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Bomb Jersey – Long Sleeve

A versatile jersey that’s ideal for big days out in the mountains. The front panel offers excellent wind protection to keep breezes at bay, while the back panel is focussed on maximum breathability. The stretchy fabric leaves ample room for body armour, so you’re comfortable for those high-mountain rides or multiple park laps.

Key features: 

  • Ergonomic collar
  • Stretch fabric
  • Room for back protector, impact vest and/or elbow pads

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Extreme Jersey – short sleeve

This jersey is all about comfort and performance, with as few seams as possible meaning plus a collarless design. Ultra thin Sensitive Plus fabric feels weightless on the skin, yet offers incredible breathability plus UV protection.

Key features: 

  •  Sensitive Plus 117g fabric
  • Mesh panels for excellent ventilation
  • Raw cut sleeves with gripper

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Bomb Long Pants

Complete your look with a quality set of riding pants, like these Bomb Long Pants. Constructed from a stretch breathable material, these move with you offering excellent comfort and performance. An elasticated lumbar panel ensures a comfortable, flexible and secure fit around the waist, aided by silicone waist gripper.

Key features: 

  • 2 front ‘jeans-style’ pockets
  • Elasticated leg cuff for quick and easy fit
  • Abrasion-resistant fabric around the seat area for durability

To see the full range of Northwave gear, visit the Northwave website. Products can be ordered direct from Northwave, or from your local Northwave dealer.