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Cannock Chase mountain bike trails

There's more to mountain biking at Cannock than just Follow The Dog and Monkey. This Cannock Chase route reveals almost all of it!

This one is BIG Dark Peak route. But there’s a very long section of cycle path that will get the average up. Nevertheless, it needs starting early!

This route has a classic Dark Peak feel to it that belies its proximity to the sprawling metropolis of Greater Manchester. Distance: 25km (16 miles).

warnscale pass

Fancy tackling Warnscale Pass - one of the Lake District's toughest descents? Just download our free route here, from the December 2012 issue.

Don’t underestimate the severity of this Elan Valley route; it has more ups and downs than the Welsh rugby team and hass plenty of technical interest too.

The riding is enthralling on this Fort William route — mainly rocky with plenty of technical interest — and the views are about as good as you’ll ever get.

MBR's series on Britain's Best Singletrack hits Stob Bàn in the Highlands. Download the GPS route here

The singletrack is as narrow as Edinburgh's back alleys

Download the GPS route for Edinburgh route from our City Limits feature in the July 2012 issue.

Of all the top biking areas in Scotland – and there are a few – Ballater and its surroundings are the hidden gems.

A short hop from Glasgow, this accessible pinnacle is an absolute blast.