This Crug Mawr route is all about the super-flowy, sandy, singletrack descent. Proof that you don’t need to go far over the Welsh border for amazing riding.

metric shock

RockShox and Fox are now also making metric shock with length in millimetres rather than inches. This standard brings us a step up in performance and more.

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The Merida eOne-Twenty provides a thrilling and intoxicatingly addictive ride. Great geometry, rapid and flickable. One of the lightest e-mtbs available.

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Five of the very best examples of the modern enduro racing bike. The Trek Slash and the Specialized Enduro are joined by three other fantastic bikes. 1. Trek Slash 9.9…

Kelly McGarry's death death has sent a shockwave through the mountain biking world. Here are the very best tributes from his friends and fellow competitors:

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The six most exciting products of 2017. Convertible helmets, new tyre widths, integrated dropper posts, suspension telemetry and more.

The riding is enthralling on this Fort William route — mainly rocky with plenty of technical interest — and the views are about as good as you’ll ever get.

In this video guide we show you how to dump the poor performing dropper remote that came with your cable post and upgrade to a new alternative remote.