This one is BIG Dark Peak route. But there’s a very long section of cycle path that will get the average up. Nevertheless, it needs starting early!

We’ve all heard the tales about pressure washing: that it flushes bearing grease, strips paint and causes tsunamis. But is it really true?

Torridon is MTB heaven

Why mountain bike? It's a simple question. We all ride, but our motives for doing so often differ. So here's our non-definitive list of why.

How to find the best place to mountain bike near London. Look a bit closer through the urban sprawl and you’ll find some little gems hidden away.

Extend your existing drivetrain's capacity. We show you how to fit a wide range 10 speed cassette to your existing single-ring setup mountain bike.

Don’t underestimate the severity of this Elan Valley route; it has more ups and downs than the Welsh rugby team and hass plenty of technical interest too.

This route has a classic Dark Peak feel to it that belies its proximity to the sprawling metropolis of Greater Manchester. Distance: 25km (16 miles).

The Altura Attack One80 short is intended as a summer riding short — lightweight, no nonsense and great value.

Learning where to look for grip will let you skim over sketchy bits, while the right body position will ensure you can recover control if the wheels begin to slide.…