Benjamin Haworth

Benjamin Haworth

Position: Deputy Digital Editor

Mostly rides: Pennines

Height: 6ft 1in (185cm)

Weight: 73kg

I’ve been writing about bikes for more than fifteen years, a photographer for over twenty years, a mountain biker for almost thirty years and on two wheels since God knows when. I’ve written countless magazine and web features for the UK mountain bike press. I had a book of my routes published back in 2012. Trailfinder General is an alias of mine.

Now in my forties and married with children, I’ve slimmed down my bike collection and now only have two proper bike (I know, shocking isn’t it?) My main bike is a Cotic FlareMAX (Mk3) and my spare bike is a NS Eccentric Alu Evo 29. I also have the odd test bike knocking around as well.

A born and bred Lancastrian who is still finding places to explore on my bike in and around the Pennines and Lakes of the North as well as occasional raids on North Wales. I like it technical, steep and narrow wherever possible please.

When I’m not on my bike I can be found hunched over my keyboard finding interesting and entertaining things to tell you all about in the world of mountain biking. A mountain bike lifer.

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