Benjamin Haworth


Backcountry mountain bike deals

US retailer Backcountry are ramping up their deals as we finish prime sales season with lots of great products discounted up to half-price. We've dug through them all to bring…

Shimano XT M8100 Drivetrain

Just like Shimano didn't rush with the release of their Shimano XT M8100 drivetrain, we haven’t rushed this review. 2,000km of testing later...

REI mountain bike deals round-up

Fun fact: REI stands for Recreational Equipment Incoporated. Okay, so that's not exactly very fun for fact but it does help illustrate that REI have been around since 1938.

Pic: Jacob Gibbins

"My best trail? That's a very tricky one. One that pop into my mind immediately is Sticks Pass dropping down from Helvellyn in the Lake District."

Merida Matts J24 Plus

Merida Matts J24 Plus is a 24in wheel kids mountain bike aimed at riders 129-137cm in height (I won't give you an age range because it is irrelevant).