The current best deals on shoes for clipless pedals and flat pedals.

Even the best shoes don’t last forever. Due to the hard life we put them through. Here’s our regular round-up of the current best mountain bike shoe deals.

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You’ll find both clipless pedals and flat pedals shoes here. For practical reasons there’s always likely to be more clipless shoes in the sales than flat pedals shoes. This is due to the fact that there are so many more manufacturers making clipless shoes compared to flat pedal shoes.

And within the flat pedal shoe market itself there are only a handful of brands that are truly decent performers. The big two are Five Ten and Shimano but these have been joined in recent years by Giro, O’Neal and Adidas, so there is a bit more choice than there used to be.

If you want to know what to look out for in a pair of cycling shoes then check out our buyers guide to the best mountain bike shoes.

Mountain bike shoe deals

Diadora X Vortex Comp MTB shoes – £154.99 – £79.99

mountain bike shoe deals

The no-fuss black and white aesthetic of these sheos belies a shoe that’s discreetly stuffed with hi-tech features. Carbon reinforced sole, molded heel cup, BOA cinch-up system and high quality fabrics in the upper. Diadora are a racer’s secret weapon.

Cube AM Black & Green shoes – £79.99 – £49.99

mountain bike shoe deals

A lot of riders don’t want to look OTT racerboy when they’re out and about on a bike. They want a shoe that’s comfortable to walk in as well as pedal in – and a shoe that doesn’t scream “CYCLIST!” at everyone who clocks them. Here’s a nice summery outdoorsy set of shoes from Cube.


Gaerne Winter Gore-Tex MTB boots – £179.99 – £122.49

mountain bike shoe deals

Yes we know it’s May and spring is springing outside (well, between the rain drops anyway). But that’s why this is exactly the time to be investing in decent quality autumn-winter clobber. And clobber doesn’t get any more autumn-winter friendly than these epic foul weather boots from Gaerne. With these you’ll actually look forward to the downpours! Maybe.

Giro Jacket flat pedal shoes – £99.99 – £80.99

mountain bike shoe deals

If you find Five Tens just that been too clodhoppy or actually a bit too stuck-to-the-pedal then you should be looking at a nice pair of Giro Jackets (who on earth calls shoes ‘Jackets’ anyway?) Firmer in sole than goopy gluey Five Tens and svelte in aesthetic, these shoes have plenty of fans out there.

Giro Privateer R shoes – £124.99 – £86.99

mountain bike shoe deals

Once shoes get into the three-figure price bracket most folk switch off. Too expensive. Any premium shoe that retails for over a hundred quid that then dips into two figures in the sale is always attractive to the general punter. Are these super-stylin’ shoes worth £125? Possibly not. You do pay a style premium to own Giro shoes. Are they worth £87? Oh heck yes. Get in.

Five Ten FreeRider Elements flat pedal shoes – £90.00 – £75.99

mountain bike shoe deals

The Daddy of all flat pedals footwear. If you ride flat pedals you owe it to yourself (and your bike) to try out some Five Tens. Genuine game changing items. There’s a reason they’re are to go-to brand for flat pedal pushers. They work. Oh my do they work!

Happy pedalling!

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