Benjamin Haworth

Benjamin Haworth

The weeks' best 'bangers. This week we've accidentally ended up with a theme. The theme being: "I wish I was riding that right now".

The first ever report into off-road cycling in the UK shows that mountain bikers struggle to keep it fully legit when it comes to their routes.

Let's all have a geek-off about the new Onza Aquila 27.5 x 2.4 tyre designed by World Cup maestro Aaron Gwin.

yt jeffsy 27

Some news and quick details about the recently announced YT Jeffsy 27 - YT's new trail bike with 150/160mm travel and 27.5" wheels.

Details and a couple of pics of the new coil sprung Enduro from Specialized and Öhlins. More details when we get them! Coil sprung Enduro coil Öhlins beast.