This Crug Mawr route is all about the super-flowy, sandy, singletrack descent. Proof that you don’t need to go far over the Welsh border for amazing riding.

Andy McKenna of Go-Where reaches parts of Scotland other guides can’t reach. We asked him for his favourite ride and he came up with this Applecross route.

This one’s ‘out there’ even by Scottish standards, with this North Harris route making up some of the most westerly ground in Britain.

This Cadair Idris route is a great mountain-top outing which for the majority of the ascent/descent isn’t too technical but does require some proper effort.

Sarn Helen is not a mountain. It's not a forest. It's not a trail centre. Sarn Helen is a piece of ancient history. It's a ruin you can ride.

Cardiff GPS route download

Looking for a great Cardiff mountain bike route with the best riding in and around Cardiff — here's the GPS download of one of our favourites.

Brighton is much more than just the original tourist destination — it has the best of the South Downs, the rolling hills cradling the town to north and east and…

Is it Hawaii or the Gower?

Download the GPS route from our City Limits feature in the May 2012 issue