Mtb’s movers and shakers select their favourite places to ride

Henrik is a brand ambassador for Specialized, he also thrashes the best enduro mountain bikes at elite level and competes in the Enduro World Series.

“My best trail? That’s a very tricky one. One that pop into my mind immediately is Sticks Pass dropping down from Helvellyn in the Lake District. I was fortunate enough to ride this during a recent trip filming a video for Specialized.

“Rapid local Reece Langhorn and I set off from Glenridding at three in the morning to catch the sunrise at the top of Helvellyn – riding at the height of summer meant a very early start. Unfortunately, the sunrise was anti-climatic, with low clouds dominating the early morning. Having descended a little more from Helvellyn down the Raise ridge, we reached Sticks Pass. We were then treated to some clear skies before dropping in and filming.

“With a stunning view of the valley and the trail winding its way down in front of you, it’s something special even before dropping in. The golden morning or evening light makes the trail even better. The first section makes you feel like a hero, with endless flow from the many natural undulations and wide-open corners. Dropping down lower there are a few technical trials-style sections for the brave, with an epic singletrack traverse afterwards. A flat part linking to the lower section of the pass gives you a breather then it’s into a flat-out rocky section with a mega view overlooking Glenridding and Ullswater. The last part of the trail is seriously rocky and fast, with some wide switchback corners egging you on to cut inside, stick a foot out and get loose. Finishing down at the Helvellyn YHA, it’s easy enough to drop back into Glenridding or head up for another run if you’re up for it.

“What makes the trail so special for me are the different styles of trail coming down the hill alongside the view. The trail has it all, with smooth, flowing singletrack, slow-speed technical sections and flat-out rock bombing.”