How to get the most of out of your first sessions on Riders Republic, Ubisoft's new extreme sports game that offers in-depth worlds of action and adrenaline


Ubisoft has just launched its new extreme sports game featuring mountain biking as well as a host of other adrenaline activities. Here are five tips to help you get the most from your gameplay.

1. The brake is your friend

Be it skiing, wingsuiting, using a rocket, or downhill mountain biking dressed as a dinosaur, the common theme in Riders Republic is speed. There are plenty of tight turns that will throw any speed demon off the track, but even the less extreme bends can catch you off guard if you’re not paying attention to how fast you’re going.

There’s no point tearing at speed down a straight if it leads to late, heavy braking and losing all your speed. Try to maintain an high as possible average speed over the whole of the course.

2. Skills over speed

Most of the racers up ahead of you will get overexcited or fatigued and cause collisions. It’s a wise idea to just hang back, maintain a good momentum and – when the time is right – overtake the last rider in front to clinch victory at the finish line.

3. Crashing into opponents is a viable way to play (and win)

But if you don’t want to hang back, then riding extremely close to a player and seeing them get wiped out by a barrier is definitely one way to win!

4. Use the practice area

Riders Republic has a lot of tricks to learn, and if you drop into an online trick battle first, you’ll quickly find that you don’t know many of them. 

Instead of challenging online players and then spamming backflip until you lose, hit the practice area beforehand and learn the tricks for each of your rides.

5. Use the compass or get lost!

This may seem obvious but it’s very easy to forget that the compass is even there. It shows you where your next checkpoint is in a race and using it will be the difference between a podium finish and not finishing at all

Riders Republic is out now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS5, PS4, PC (via Ubisoft Store and Epic Store), and Google Stadia

Enjoy the adventures!