The big news about the new electric Trance X Advanced E+ bikes from Giant is the introduction of a full carbon frame. And when we say full, we mean full.

Giant are justifiably very proud of the construction of the Trance X Advanced E+ frame. “High-performance grade” raw carbon is used to produce a custom frame material in Giant’s own composite factory.

The front triangle is molded as one continuous piece in a proprietary manufacturing process they call Modified Monocoque Construction. Try as we might, we can’t spot much in the way of aluminium on the frame of the Trance X Advanced E+. Hang on, the lower link is forged aluminium, as on all Giant’s best electric mountain bikes (and their acoustic sussers too).

Trance X Advanced E+ 0 Metallic Navy

Trance X Advanced E+ 0 in Metallic Navy

There are no significant geometry changes compared to the previous alloy Trance X E+ bike. A couple of mm here and a fraction of a degree there. The flipchip in the rocker is still present (once again though, we can’t see anyone putting it in the steeper/higher position). All in all, they’re aren’t changing the fundamental handling intent of the bike. It’s still a 140mm rear travel full-29er with a 150mm fork up front.

What you lose in wires from new RideControl layout, you get back in spades with Live Valve on the E+ 0

The other thing you will notice is the appearance of a button/LED display into the top tube. As well as being the general on/off power button, this ‘RideControl Go’ top tube button can be used to change power modes. The LED strips can indicate support mode and battery level. These options are tweak-able in the attendant RideControl smartphone app.

The other aspect of operation is the RideControl Ergo 3 bar-mounted remote control. This is a neat 3-button control built into the grip (don’t worry you can use other grips if you want to). This can be installed on the left or right. You can even purchase an additional control and run one on each side and using the app to configure it to do what you want (switch between power modes, view critical ride data such as battery charge, speed, distance and GPS, use navigation features, record your ride, set fitness goals and view system data).


Trance X Advanced E+ 2 in Starry Night

All in all, the lack of gawky bar-mounted display and wires flailing everywhere makes the new Giant Trance X Advanced E+ a much sleeker and polished affair. There’s clearly an influence from the likes of Specialized at work here to rid e-bikes of their ungainly bolt-on aesthetics.

The Trance X Advanced E+ uses the Yamaha-developed SyncDrive Pro motor. This kicks out 85Nm and offers up to 400% additional support to your own power input. The motor is 2.7kg lighter than the previous generation motor whilst offering reduced noise levels and retaining its instant engagement, narrow Q-factor and claims to offer a very “natural” rider-motor feel.

Trance X Advanced E+ 1 in Panther Phantom Green

The EnergyPak Smart battery is cleanly integrated into the down tube and offers 625Wh of power. There is also an optional 250Wh range extender battery available.

Trance X Advanced E+ geometry chart

Giant Trance X Advanced E+ models

The carbon frame unsurprisingly means higher price tags. The Trance X Advanced E+ 2 is £5999, the E+ 1 is £6999 and the E+ 0 is £7999.