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Unknown trail featured

How to ride a new trail in three steps

We’re all so used to taking on our favourite loop week-in week-out but there are so many fresh trails out there just waiting to be explored. Tackling a trail you’ve never…


Difficult course causes carnage in XC World Cup (VIDEO)

Mont-Sainte-Anne played host to a double header this weekend. As the downhill riders were recovering from their Sunday morning, post-race hangovers, the cross-country races were well underway. It was the fourth…

Enduro WOrld Series featured Crested Butte

MBR’s 5 predictions for the Crested Butte EWS

This year’s Enduro World Series is proving to be the most unpredictable yet. We think this is because 2015 has become a turning point in the sport of enduro. After three…