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Tired of the same old boring tips? We’ve teamed up with a sports scientist to offer some of the more unusual ways you can increase…

2018 nukeproof mega

The fourth generation 2018 Nukeproof Mega range sees the enduro bike transform into something even more refined and race-ready than ever.

gopro hero

The GoPro Hero 6 isn't supposed to be announced until the end of this month but there's been a sneaky leaky pic doing the rounds.

hottest products

These are mbr’s choice of the most exciting products of 2018. British made dropper posts, alt drivetrains, computers that live inside your tyres and more.

how to ride berms

You need to learn how to ride berms. Berms are no longer the preserve of the BMX track, they're increasingly cropping up on trails everywhere.

Does more money get you more speed? We pitched a £1,000 bike against a £6,000 bike and did some stopwatch science to find some answers.