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Leatt MTB 3.0 Lite glove

The Leatt MTB 3.0 is so light it’s almost like you’re not wearing a glove at all, but Leatt boosts ride feel by using its MicronGrip palm material. This is…

Score 9

Leatt Shoe 2.0 Flat

This is the updated version of a shoe we tested previously, rating it a 7/10 and complaining that the sole was – guess what – not grippy enough. This new…

Score 7

Leatt Airflex Hybrid Pro knee guards

Extended coverage The long (35cm) cylindrical tube has Leatt’s perforated Airflex padding cupping the knee with a kind of memory foam style impact gel padding. On top of this are…

Score 8

Leatt MTB 4.0 Enduro helmet V23 right front view

Leatt’s snap-together convertible MTB 4.0 Enduro helmet is one of only a couple of helmets with full DH certification that can still multitask as a lightweight open face trail lid…

Score 9

Man wearing Leatt Jacket MTB Trail 3.0

In addition to a good-quality waterproof jacket, it’s nice to have something like Leatt’s MTB 3.0 trail jacket in your armoury. A waterproof jacket is highly breathable and should be…

Score 9

Leatt Women’s MTB Gravity 2.0 Jersey

The Leatt Women’s MTB Gravity 2.0 is a simple but effective women’s jersey, loose but with a feminine cut, and comes in a good range of sizes. In fact, it’s…

Score 9

Leatt 7.0 HydraDri winter boots

If you ride flats in the winter there are currently only a handful of weather-resistant shoes on the market, but Leatt has thrown its hat in the ring with the…

Score 7

Leatt Airflex Pro

To cut down on bulk but still provide adequate protection, the Leatt AirFlex Pro knee pad uses a 3D moulded AirFlex gel protector. As you can see, it has an…

Score 7

Leatt MTB 3.0 trousers

The 3.0 trouser uses flexible fabric that stretches in all directions. And, like the best mountain bike trousers, there’s a tapered cut that’s roomier in thighs and knees, for freedom…

Score 9

Leatt Goggle Velocity 6.5 Enduro

Leatt’s Velocity 6.5 Enduro goggle hails from its moto range, which explains the hefty 200g weight – that’s nearly double some of the MTB-specific options on the market. Obviously those…

Score 7

Leatt MTB Enduro 4.0 V22

Even though the Leatt MTB Gravity 4.0 V22 is designed for enduro racing, it is DH certified so there’s nothing stopping you wearing this on the uplift or during a…

Score 8

Leatt 3DF Airfit vest

Leatt made its name in MTB protection, and specifically neck braces.  This Leatt 3DF AirFit Body Vest might not be explicitly DH-targeted but it’s still seriously solid and protective and…

Score 9

Photo of the front of the Leatt AllMtn waterproof MTB jacket in grey and sand colours

South African brand Leatt forged its reputation in the protection game, but has recently added an extensive range of feature-packed riding kit. The new Leatt AllMtn 4.0 jacket is no…

Score 7

Leatt 2.0 Flat Pedal

The big selling point with the Leatt 2.0 Flat Pedal Shoe is the price and as such they’re an affordable step on the flat-pedal ladder.

Score 7

Leatt DBX 4.0 Clip

Leatt DBX 4.0 Clip has good build quality – the upper has excellent water resistance and is easy to keep clean and as such is a good choice for winter.

Score 7

Leatt Velocity 4.0 goggles

Leatt’s velocity goggles use a headline-grabbing bulletproof lens. I don’t fancy being shot in the eyes to test it, but it definitely seems better than plenty of rivals at resisting…

Score 8

Leatt DBX Cargo

Leatt is constantly expanding its accessory line and the latest addition is this 10-litre DBX Cargo trail pack. It’s at the top end when it comes to price, but it…

Score 7

leatt mtb 5.0

Leatt is another company using an in-house waterproof membrane in its Leatt MTB 5.0 jacket: HydraDri built into a three-layer, four-way stretch fabric.

Score 7