Leatt is another company using an in-house waterproof membrane in its Leatt MTB 5.0 jacket: HydraDri built into a three-layer, four-way stretch fabric.

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Leatt MTB 5.0 jacket


Leatt MTB 5.0 jacket review


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The Leatt MTB 5.0 jacket has claimed waterproof and breathable ratings of 30,000 and 23,000g/ m2/24hr respectively, but you can increase venting via two medium vents on the side and by using the front pockets as secondary vents. Normally they don’t work as pockets if you do this, but the neat trick is the size means they can be partially opened and you can still carry stu in them. Leatt also added a ClimbVent connector across the front of the jacket, that means you can ride with the jacket partially open without it apping around.

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The MTB 5.0 is heavy, but that’s because it has a ton of features. The hood gets a magnetic closure, with a separate sticky magnet that you attach to your helmet – and yes, this time we didn’t throw it away. The fabric has a stain-resistant coating, there’s anti-slip patches on the shoulders, brush guards on the forearms, lift-pass pocket on the left arm, micro bre goggle wiper in one of the pockets and a silicone seat gripper to stop the jacket riding up.

With its heavy-duty build the Leatt MTB 5.0 is the sort of jacket you’d wear for a wet day in the mountains, not something you’d just pull on when there’s a brief shower. You can manage temperature relatively easily, but we have a couple of criticisms. The hood on the MTB 5.0 doesn’t t very well, and when you tighten the draw-cord it actually pulls the jacket up at the rear. The jacket is also incredibly noisy and we literally couldn’t hear anything with the hood up. And that stain-resistant coating – it doesn’t do a lot for pooling, although to be fair you could renew that relatively easily.


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