Top notch riding pants from Leatt with a loose cut and a reasonable price tag.

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Score 9

Leatt Pant MTB Enduro 3.0 V22


  • Good value. Not too tight. Decent ventilation. Sturdy waistband adjustment. DWR treatment.


  • Not the tidiest stitching. Pockets are a bit deep.


Leatt MTB Enduro Pants 3.0 V22 review


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The 3.0 trouser uses flexible fabric that stretches in all directions. And, like the best mountain bike trousers, there’s a tapered cut that’s roomier in thighs and knees, for freedom of movement and making space for knee pads, and thinner at the shin/cuff. The bottom isn’t as skinny as some, but, for me, that’s a bonus as that means they’re not too Punk if you’re a middle-aged dad like me.

The rear waistband uses a thick, dimpled fabric that’s comfy against skin and also has numerous holes punched into the underside to increase ventilation. More perforations on the thighs dump further heat and there are a generous five pockets, including both hips and thighs and a usable stash pocket at the back of the waistband.

To keep things stable, forward-fastening waist tabs, using stiff Velcro elastic, increase tension. They’re also broad enough to resist twisting. The waistband fastening system works great and Leatt deserves praise for such a sturdy design that addresses gripes I’ve had with rivals before that are frequently too floppy and loose at the waist but well-fitted at the thighs and backside.

The 3.0 also gets a backside that’s reinforced with a more durable and waterproof fabric, which makes sense as this is where dirt and moisture gets ground in by the saddle. There’s also a water and dirt fabric treatment to better resist splashes and mud. Inside, the material has dimpled ‘mesh’ backing to wick moisture away from skin better, plus triple-row stitching everywhere to stop seams unravelling prematurely.


It’s a comprehensive list of well thought out features – Leatt has done a great job. And this is matched by the fit and performance in real world use. My only minor gripes are that the stitching is a bit scruffy in places on my sample, and that I’d prefer shallower thigh pockets to stop your phone sliding too low down your leg while riding.