If you're looking for serious protection, this protection vest offers a seriously high rating for those who like to ride hard

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Score 9

Leatt 3DF AirFit Body Vest


  • Full motorsports-level impact certification, chest and back protection panels, foam flank protection pads, good ventilation, long and short sleeve versions also available


  • Heavy


Leatt 3DF AirFit Body Vest


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Leatt made its name in MTB protection, and specifically neck braces.  This Leatt 3DF AirFit Body Vest might not be explicitly DH-targeted but it’s still seriously solid and protective and one of only a few items of body armour with full motorsports-level impact certification on both chest and back panels. It’s this level of protection that gives it a place on our best body armour for mountain biking list. 

The soft and flexible padding in question matches Leatt’s highest security rating and turns into a harder, energy-absorbing, material in an impact. The foam padding panels are removable to stick the vest in a washing machine and is layered like a sandwich – similar to the 100% Tarka. Although, with five padding layers in total, Leatt uses an extra two layers. Further vertical ridges of softer, perforated foam separate where the vest contacts the skin for extra comfort and cushioning.

Put Leatt’s vest on and there’s a separate elastic wrap to reach for and cinch up, but this strap then helps the chest and spine panels better conform to your body shape, improves stability and also reduces how much the 3DF sticks out. This new version has a longer back panel than previously that stretches right down to hips, where there are also extra foam flank protection pads.

Leatt’s fit and fabrics are top quality and there’s excellent moisture management with good wicking and quick drying. Ventilation and air flow are also surprisingly good for such a protective bit of kit; in part because the softer foam ridges hold the main pads slightly off the skin and allow hot air and sweat to easily vent and escape. 

Short or long sleeves 3DF versions are also offered, with both looking like solid options for DH or enduro racing on harder terrain, although at more than a kilo, this won’t be the best option for trail riding. If you seek the maximum protection but want something that’s still comfy to pedal about in, this 3DF vest definitely means business. Just factor in the extra weight and the fact you will notice it more over the course of a long day when riding dynamically.  

Looking for a lower priced option that doesn’t stint on protection? Check out the 100% Tarka Protection Vest.


Strapped into Leatt’s vest, it’s clear there’s some serious protection. Even if you stove yourself into something immovable, as long as there’s padding there, you’re going to come out of the exchange pretty well. On the other hand, it’s by far the heaviest vest on test, and, even though it carries its mass well, we could feel the extra weight.  


Sizes:S - XXL
Women's version:No