DH certified full face designed to provide plenty of protection...but for a weight penalty

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Leatt Helmet MTB Gravity 4.0


  • Good padding and venting, decent price too


  • Heavy for trail bike use, and the visor is fixed


Leatt MTB Gravity 4.0 V22 helmet review


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Even though the Leatt MTB Gravity 4.0 V22 is designed for enduro racing, it is DH certified so there’s nothing stopping you wearing this on the uplift or during a trip to the Alps. Unlike the standard Leatt Enduro 4.0 V21, one of the best mountain bike helmets on the market, it doesn’t have a removable the chinbar.

But it does feature a similar in-moulded construction that combines a polycarbonate micro shell with two EPS closed-cell layers. There’s a cushioned EPS material close to your scalp to absorb the initial hit, with more resilient EPP material above that for multiple impact resistance. 

The helmet also features 360° Turbine Technology, Leatt’s take on the MIPS system. Inside there are several elastomer donuts that allow the pads to move laterally during a rotational impact. Our only issue is they’re not that secure and often when we removed the helmet one would end up coming with us and then rolling off down the trail.

The Leatt MTB Gravity 4.0 V22 is hefty, but protective enough to ride downhill on it

There is a ton of padding in this helmet, all of it anti-odour but it’s surprisingly breathable due to 18 strategically placed vents. You can also remove the hex-shaped grill on the front of the chin bar to create an extra air intake.

Rather than a retention device, the Gravity 4.0 V22 has a big pad and tight-fitting jaw pads, although even with the thicker 35mms fitted, the helmet still sat a little low. The chin strap features a magnetic Fidlock SNAP which you can just flick together with one hand. We’re not fans of the fixed visor, although it’s high enough to be barely visible while riding. 


At nearly 1kg, the Leatt MTB 4.0 Gravity V22 is heavier than the Troy Lee Stage and Fox Proframe, but obviously it’s more robust. The price is chunky too, which is why we recommend its sister helmet, the convertible MTB Enduro 4.0 V21 for the same money.


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