Today is the biggest bike bits buying day of the year!


The best Black Friday mountain bike deals of 2018 are finally here, and we’ve rounded up a collection of the raddest looking kit with cut prices.

November is the biggest time for online purchasing of the year and with these deals it’s not hard to see why.

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There are already so many Black Friday deals that they’re hard to keep track of, so we’ve scoured through the list to pick products we recommend at prices that offer genuine savings.

The best Black Friday mountain bike deals of 2018

Here they are…

You will notice that beneath each product summary is a ‘Buy Now’ link. If you click on one of these links then mbr may receive a small amount of money from the retailer should you go to purchase the product from them. Don’t worry, this does not affect the amount you pay.

black friday mountain bike

Shimano ME5 Mountain Bike Shoes – £89.99 – £59.99

Save 33%! These shoes are very much the dictionary definition of no-nonsense. All black. Classic two velcro straps with top ratchet strap design. Knobble tread sole. Not too stiff. Not too bendy. No-nonsense.

black friday mountain bike

Moon X-Power 1300 Rechargeable Front Light – £182.99 – £82.99

Save 55%! A great many riders are on the lookout for a new set of lights. Some will be after an additional light to partner with something else. Others will be after a whole new set form scratch. This is a good option for both.

black friday mountain bike

Shimano XTR PD-M9020 Trail SPD Pedals – £129.99 – £74.99

Save 42%! Sure, you can always get some cage SPuDs that are similar to Shimano XTR but they’ll never be Shimano XTR peggles will they? Stick with the best. You know where you are with the best.

black friday mountain bike

Specialized Slaughter Grid 2Bliss Tyre – £39.99 – £24.99

Save 40%! Now then, you probably are going to have to keep this in the box until spring next year. It isn’t a winter tyre by any means. What it is though is an excellent peak-season rear tyre that will add zip to your rides without sacrificing performance.

black friday mountain bike

Endura SingleTrack Helmet – £82.99 – £40.00

Save 51%! You will frequently see certain riders covered head to toe in Endura apparel. DO they look like daft full kit w*nkers? No, they look comfortable and happy and getting on with their ride. Great kit, great lid.

black friday mountain bike

Merlin MALT+ frame and RockShox Revelation 140mm forks – £799.00 – £399.95

Save 50%! A very attractively priced Plus tyre hardtail from Merlin (who have been doing good everyman MTB frames since the dawn of time). Comes complete with a decent RockShox Revelation fork as well! Impressive dealing.

black friday mountain bike

Shimano M424 SPD Pedals – £40.00 – £20.99

Save 48%! Although something of a museum piece, the Shimano M424 is still one of the most-loved pedals out there. There are plenty of folk who say that this pedal has yet to be improved upon for aggro clipless riding.

black friday mountain bike

Shimano SLX M7000 Front and Rear Disc Brake Set – £189.98 – £99.95

Save 47%! Feature-for-feature there is almost literally no point buying top tier disc brakes. The weight saving is extremely negligible. These SLX stoppers have the same features as XT/XTR for a fraction of the cost.

black friday mountain bike

Shimano XTR Race M9000 Chainset – £370.00 – £149.99

Save 59%! Don’t be put off by the double chainring setup. Simply ditch the rings, stick them on eBay, and slap on a single narrow-wide chainring. You’ll have an absolutely killer setup then. Light, stiff, stylish, reliable. XTR.

black friday mountain bike

Shimano M8000 XT 11 Speed Cassette 11-46T – £79.99 – £59.99

Save 25%! Very probably the most sought after cassette in Shimano’s mountain bike range. This is the biggest range cassette from Shimano that stays in 11 speed form. Typically XT in its function and sortedness.

black friday mountain bike

Shimano XT M8050 Di2 11 Speed Gear Kit – £975.00 – £499.00

Save 49%! Ditch those agricultural metal strings and go electric! This setup has everything you need to make a 1×11 system run via electrical wires: rear mech, shifter, display, battery, wiring, brainbox. It’s the future!

black friday mountain bike

Camelbak Skyline LR 10 Low Rider Hydration Pack – £109.99 – £39.00

Save 65%! One of our favourite ever Camelbaks at a quite ridiculous price. E very well designed, low slung, modern backpack available in a few nice colourways too.

black friday mountain bike

Giro Switchblade MIPS Helmet – £250.00 – £114.99

Save 54%! At £250 the Switchblade is still good value considering you’re getting a single helmet that can be both worn on your regular weekly ride, as well as days out at the bike park and holidays in the alps. At £115 it’s a no-brainer!

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

Polaris Briko Kids Helmet – £29.99 – £4.99

Save 83%! A kids helmets that passes the usual safety regulations and has a decent amount of vents to it to boot. There’s even an anti-inset netting up front to protect your sprog from flying nasties.

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

G-Form Pro-X Knee Pads – £54.99 – £32.99

Save 40%! These are a pair of sleeve style knee pads. Less bulky and faffy than full-on Velcro-wrap affairs. Think of them as knee warmers on steroids. Essential bit of kit for modern MTBers.

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

Race Face Turbine Dropper Seatpost – £349.99 – £179.99

Save 49%! It was once hard to get people to stray from the dominance of the RockShox Reverb but nowadays there is genuinely array of alterntive droppers. Much cheaper, arguably easier to live with too.

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

Mavic XA Pro Carbon Boost Wheelset – £1,495.00 – £599.99

Save 59%!Six hundred notes for a set of hoops doesn’t initially sound like a mega deal but then you notice the C-word in there. Yep, these are carbon fibre wheels and as such they’re a flipping bargain.



Oakley Jawbreaker Carbon Prizm Trail – £175.00 – £115.00

Save 34%! These are all about light. Both in terms of transmitted the best quality of light and also just being flipping light ie. not weighing very much. Carbon fibre Plutonite Toric eyeshields, no less.

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

Ion K Lite Knee Pads – £64.99 – £38.99

Save 40%! A lot of knee pads – and particularly pull-on knee sleeves – suffer from thigh creep. These Ion K jobbers are different. A cunning routing of neoprene belting criss-crossing the whole thing does the job.


best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

Less-than-half-price Onza mountain bike tyres

Save up to 58%! Onza Aquila, Onza Canis, Onza Ibex, Onza Lynx, Onza Greina, Onza Citius… some even available in the oh-so-desirable tan wall flavour.

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

POC Tectal MTB Helmet – £179.99 – £99.99

Save 44%! The very distinctive profile of the Tectal is something you will either love or hate. It a while to grow on us but now we’re big fans of this styling. Comes with usual high level of construction from POC.

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

Peruzzo Verona 3 Bike Car Rack – £99.99 – £59.99

Save 40%! Despite what the car parks at trail centres may suggest, not every mountain biker drives a VW Transporter. If you have a normal car-type car then a bike rack is something you’ll never regret getting.

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

Sidi Drako Carbon SRS MTB Shoes – £325.00 – £169.99

Save 48%! These disco slippers are not for the shy and retiring type. Despite looking a bit like S+M wear for clowns, these pimping cycling sneaks are extremely comfortable as well as super efficient pedallers.

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

Fox Attack Water Jacket – £170.00 – £89.99

Save 47%! Fox make some of the most stylish looking clobber for bikers. Typically it comes with a lofty price tag to boot. All the more reason to bag a Black Friday deal on Fox apparel when you stumble upon one.

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

Specialized Butcher tyre 27.5in and 29in – £35.00 – £19.99

Save 43%! The very definition of an all-rounder. You can run a Butcher front and rear for 365 days of the year and you’d be fine. Other tyres are better in specific conditions but if you want a one-stop tyre stop. It’s these.

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

SealSkinz MTB Mid Knee Waterproof Socks – £42.00 – £24.99

Save 41%! For a certain type of mountain biker, you’ll only get their SealSkinz from their cold dead hands. We love our SealSkinz. The saviour – and enabler – of the off-season. NB: the British off-season last six months. At least.

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

Fox Launch Pro Knee Guard – £65.00 – £39.99

Save 38%! If you’re not convinced of the worth of soft sleeve-style knee protection – or you just feel like you need something more substantial now and again, you can’t beat a classic hard shell knee cap knee pad.

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

Endura MTR Baggy Short II – £82.99 – £44.99

Save 46%! Don’t be fooled by the mention of light weight fabrics and stuff, these are shorts designed in – and for – the British Isles. The light weight keeps them from sagging down your legs and a DWR coating keeps the spray at bay.

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

Sweet Protection Dissenter Helmet – £99.99 – £54.99

Save 45%! Sweet Protection are the very definition of high end. They come with the double-edged sword of being from Scandinavia; they’re extremely cool (in every sense) but they cost a lot. Bag this deal then, eh?

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

X-Tools Rolling Tool Case – £79.99 – £44.99

Is your garage/shed/spare room basically an explosion of tools and bike bits everywhere? What you need is some organisation. But organisation that isn’t boring. These portable, desirable set of tool drawers are a good start to a new life.

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

50% off energy and hydration at Science In Sport

Waddyawant? Gels? Hydration tablets? Energy bars? Bundles? Caffeine? Electrolyte? Whey? Protein? No matter what type of nutrition you’re after, or what flavour you like, there’s something in this sale for you.


X-Tools Pro Gear Hanger Alignment Tool – £44.99 – £19.99

The X-Tools Pro Gear Hanger Alignment Tool is used to correct numerous rear derailleur/mech shifting issues that occur with indexed gear systems. Essential for bike workshops and mechanics.

X-Tools Folding Bike Workstand – £69.99 – £34.99

here’s a tray with a handy magnetic compartment to keep small bits safe while you work on the bike. The clamping head rotates and locks the bike in position. Extends up to 175cm high. Handlebar stabiliser keeping your bars  in place.

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

Lezyne Micro Cycle GPS with Mapping – £119.99 – £60.00

Impressive selection of features, the Lezyne Micro Cycle GPS just shouldn’t be this small. It features turn by turn navigation, Strava Segments and the ability to connect to multiple sensors to name a few.



Exposure Diablo Mk10 w/ Helmet and Bar Mounts – £215.00– £161.25

A super bright light with up to 1500 lumens of light output with handlebar and helmet mounting options.

best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2018

X-Tools Essential Torque Wrench Set – £34.99 – £22.99

Install components with calibrated precision. The X-Tools Essential Torque Wrench allows you to apply the correct tension and clamping force when fitting and adjusting components, helping prevent costly damage or dangerous loosening of bolts.



Updated: Chain Reaction Cycles’ Black Friday mountain bike deals

Chain Reaction Cycles have already kicked off! CRC’s Black Friday deals have already started! Go check ’em out.

When is Black Friday in 2018?

Sooner than you think.

Theoretically Black Friday is Friday 23rd November 2018.

But the sales will start earlier. As you know, it’s become more than just a single day. You can expect Black Friday sales to kick off at the start of the week – at least.

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The best deals may well be reserved for the big day itself but Black Friday stuff is already flying around from the very first days of November.

And let’s not forget Cyber Monday three days after Black Friday. Yet ANOTHER big day for online shopping. Cyber Monday typically sees retailers bringing out a fresh batch of new deals to tempt you with.

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What is Black Friday?

Yep, it’s an American thing (or should that be thang?). It’s the first Friday after Thanksgiving. It’s essentially the start of the Christmas shopping season. In a practical sense, Black Friday is usually the last pay day before Christmas Day.

Black Friday gets the tabloid headlines for the fights that break out in ASDA over big tellies but for most normal folk it’s an explicitly internet shopping phenomenon. For us mountain bikers it means the big online cycling retailers like Wiggle, Chain Reaction Cycles and Evans Cycles are visited in our browsers even more than they are already.

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What have previous Black Fridays been like?

Black Friday is a new concept over here in the UK but the last couple of years have seen it become an established and accepted (albeit grudgingly) phenomenon in Britain. According to previous years’ stats, in the four days from Black Friday onwards, the British spend nearly £6 billion! With about a 15% increase year on year. As is typical, online sales make up more than half of the total Black Friday spend.

After a confused and confusing couple of years in 2014 and 2015, last year saw the cycling retailers finally get together some good deals that weren’t just piles of unsold tat or deals that simply weren’t very impressive.

In 2016 and 2017 the more clued-up retailers seemed to order in Black Friday-specific stock and specific product. Much in the same way that supermarkets bulk-buy in big televisions and use them as attention-grabbing loss-leaders, some bike shops were seem giving away high-ticket items at rock-bottom prices.

Having said that, it is still hard to predict and summarise what is likely to be on sale. The variety is immense. From a punter’s point of view, Black Friday is great time to buy things like frames, forks, helmets, jackets and brakes. It’s also a good time to buy those sort of items that you don’t tend to buy but you know you probably should do; bike maintenance and repair stuff. Proper tools and workstands and so on.

What sort of Black Friday mountain bike deals will there be?

The general vibe of Black Friday is for big discounts on electronic and techno gadgets as well as high-value products such as complete bikes or suspension forks.

Some retailers will have strategically purchased in bulk certain one-off items – perhaps items that are bespoke to them or otherwise limited edition stuff.

Other retailers will strictly see it as a way off offloading the remaining 2016 components and bikes. And lastly, some retailers may just offer a flat discount for baskets totalling a certain amount ie. ‘10% off orders of £100 or more’ type of thing.

The bottom line is that the bike industry doesn’t really have any set trends or tactics for Black Friday. Each retailer will be doing something different. Which makes it really good for consumers as there’s bound to something somewhere worthwhile and relevant.

Some Black Friday handy hints

  • Write a shopping list
  • Stick to it!
  • Set a budget while you’re at it
  • Stick to it!

You can’t forget Amazon

Amazon pretty much invented Black Friday and while they obviously aren’t a cycling-centric retailer they do carry pretty much anything and everything.

What about other cycling retailers?

Everyone and anyone in the online retailing world will be doing some Black Friday discounting.

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Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is three days after Black Friday. Yet ANOTHER big day for online shopping. Cyber Monday typically sees retailers bringing out a fresh batch of new deals to tempt you with. This is more along the lines of how Wiggle do things usually, for example.