Here are solid ideas for gifts for the mountain biking Dad in your life. Every budget and every type of mountain biker is catered for in this little lot.

No-risk suggestions for the dirt-riding Daddy in your life: surefire gifts for mountain bikers from £15 up to £400. Or if you are that mountain biker yourself, send this page to the person who needs help choosing you a decent prezzie.

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In no particular order, here are our top gifts for mountain bikers (that don’t suck) that any mountain biking Dads would be happy to find under the (bicycle-themed) wrapping paper.

Mountain bike gifts, unique gifts for mountain bikers, cool mountain bike gifts… there all here. What isn’t here: mountain bike novelty gifts (shudder) or funny mountain bike gifts (ugh).

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All of the brands and products here are ones we’d recommend from the regular, independent testing that we carry out every week. So these are either specific products that we’ve ridden and rated, or at the very least are brands we’re familiar with and rate highly.

Great gifts for mountain biking Dads:

LifeLine Pro Coloured Allen Key Set

Bringing a dash of colour to any workshop or toolbag, this bright and bold Allen key set is as functional as it is stylish. Equipped with nine, double-ended, L-shaped tools, this pack ranges in head and ball-end sizes from 1.5mm to 10mm, with a different identifiable colour for each.

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LifeLine Digital Shock Suspension Pump

This pump features an ergonomic pump handle and the suspension industry-standard Schrader valve head. For ease of use, it is equipped with a flexible hose, which has a pivot mount to minimise any risk of damaging the valve. To ensure durability and long life it is made using a precision formed alloy body.

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Lifeline Digital Pressure Gauge

To increase accuracy and functionality even further it features both ‘Calculation Mode’ enabling you to measure the inflation of the tyre and ‘Adjustment Mode’, which allows accurate pressure measurement as you use the bleed valve to achieve the perfect inflation value.

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Five Ten Freerider Pro shoes

You can never have too many shoes. This goes double for mountain bike shoes which spend a lot of their time being cursed at for still beinig damp from the previous ride a few days ago! Having multiple pairs of decent riding shoes is the answer and there is simple no better option than the Fve ten Freerider Pro. Simply the best.

Bell Super 3 helmet

A bit like the aforementioned multiple-shoe owning idea, you can also never have too many helmets. There isn’t quite the practical reason for owning multiple helmets but it is always nice just to have a spare. Maybe a more modern enduro-style one with deeper head coverage (which doubles up as winter warmer) or maybe just a helmet that offers a different colourway to an exisiting one. This Bell Super 3 is our current best all-round choice.

Schwalbe Magic Mary tyre

A surefire winning gift. Who doesn’t love a bit of rubber? If you know what we mean! Seriosuly, you can’t go wrong with getting a Schwalbe Magic Mary. If they  haven’t got one alrady: win. If they have got one already: win (because tyres wear out and it’s good to have a spare waiting!) The added bonus of a Magic Mary is that it works great as either a front tyre or a rear tyre too. Win win win.

Exposure Diablo light

Yes, that’s two hundred quid for a torch. Don’t try to explain or understand it. The proof of this light’s worth is out on the trail, where it is totally brilliant – in every sense of the word. It is by far the best-designed bike light, pretty much of all time. And it’s super easy to live with. Fewer wires = more smiles.

HT Components PA03A pedals

We’re big fans of plastic pedals – sorry, composite pedals – here at mbr. They’re lighter. They’re cheaper. They glide off rocks and rocks better than metal pedals. They come in loads of excellent colours. They are loads of great placky peggles out there but we’ve yet to rid eany that are better than the extremely boringly named PA03A pedals from HT.

Endura MTR Shell jacket

TheHoly Grail of mountian bike jackets; kepes the filth out whilst letting your ‘body steam’ out. In other words, it’s waterproof and breathable. Which is what all jackets claim to be but so very few actually are. The MTR Shell from Scotland’s Endura is very much an exercise in less is more. The absence of gimmicky ‘features’ allows the fabric to do its job of breathing whilst protecting.

gifts for mountain bikersDMR Deathgrip grips

Squidgy grips with dinky flanges that are available in almost every colour under the sun. Single lock-on design is a winner and the half-waffle half-grid design gets on well with all rider types.

gifts for mountain bikers

Endura Hummvee II trousers

Riding in long pants makes no sense whatsoever… until you actually try some. At which point you realise that they aren’t just flappy, droopy walking trousers repurposed, they’re garmetns for the job. The best ones are actually more comfortable than wearing baggy shorts; getting rid of that whole bunchy end-of-short-leg area is a total joy. And they leave you less covered in muck at the end of ride when driving home or entering the house etc.

gifts for mountain bikers

100% Brisker glovers

The Brisker gloves from 100% should be standard issue for every UK mountain biker. Warmth without the bulk and lack of feel that other brands’ biffy bike gloves disappoint you with. Again, owning multiple pairs of these is a winning situation.

gifts for mountain bikers

Topeak Mini Pro 20 multi-tool

Over thrity quid fro a multi-tool sounds like a lot (because it is really) but there really is no better multi-tool than this one. Small enough to pocket. Capable enough to deal with any common trailside mechanical. Bonus points for the inclusion of a decent chain tool (a multi-tool is useless without one) as well as a chunky 8mm Allen key head (pedal axles, loose cranks etc) and the compact tyre lever has even saved our rides more than once too. Excellent.

Birzman Studio Tool Box

Although this is a costly purchase, it may actually save money in the longer term. How? By saving on having to take your bike into a bike shop to get minor – or even semi-major – repairs done. Beware of cheaper toolkits: they are often lacking in either a useful amount of tools for working on modern bicycles, or else they’re just tools made from inferior materials and to lower standards that can actually damage your pride and joy after a while. Don’t buy cheap tools.

Worx WG625E Cordless Portable Pressure Cleaner

Combine this with a length of generic hosepipe and some sort of water source (yes, even a stream will do) and you an excellent way of keeping your bike and your vehicle clean of the usual mountain biking muck.

gifts for mountain bikers

Chain Reaction Cycles gift voucher

Gift vouchers get a bad rap. “Why not just give money?” is the oft-repeated question? Why not give money? Because you can spend/fritter money anywhere. Give someone real money and they’ll probably end up spending it on fuelling thier car or something. Giving a gift voucher is a nicely ‘restrictive’ gift; it gives the person a bit of free reign to buy the thing(s) they want, but you have made it so it has to be something to do with cycling.

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