Inspiring, exciting and useful ideas for gifts for the mountain biker in your life. Every budget and every type of mountain biker is catered for in this little lot.


Christmas is just around the corner, but don’t panic, you haven’t left it too late to get that dirt-surfing person in your life something brilliant. We’ve got no-risk surefire gifts all mountain bikers will love, from fun and cheap up to seriously amazing but spendy. If you are the primo mountain biker in your family though, use this page as a handy hint for people who might just want to buy you something cool for Christmas

In no particular order, here are our top gifts for mountain bikers (that don’t suck), any of which we’d be happy to find inside the (bicycle-themed) wrapping paper.

Mountain bike gifts, unique gifts for mountain bikers, cool mountain bike gifts… they’re all here. What isn’t here: mountain bike novelty gifts (shudder) or funny mountain bike gifts (ugh).

Whilst you’re on the scrawl for gifts and bargains for bikers, you need to check out our Cyber Monday mountain bike deals retailers round-up.

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Great gifts under £25

Add some rainbow to your tool kit.

LifeLine Pro Coloured Allen Key Set

Bringing a dash of colour to any workshop or toolbag, this bright and bold Allen key set is as functional as it is stylish. Equipped with nine, double-ended, L-shaped tools, this pack ranges in head and ball-end sizes from 1.5mm to 10mm, with a different identifiable colour for each.

Lifeline Digital Pressure Gauge

Check those tyre pressures easily and accurately before every ride.

Lifeline Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

To increase accuracy and functionality even further it features both ‘Calculation Mode’ enabling you to measure the inflation of the tyre and ‘Adjustment Mode’, which allows accurate pressure measurement as you use the bleed valve to achieve the perfect inflation value.

Muc Off No Puncture Hassle Tyre Sealant

Keeps your mood and your tyres inflated.

Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle tubeless sealant

If you swap tyres between seasons or just ride a whole lot, you’re going to get through a ton of sealant. No Puncture Hassle sealant is the best out there because it can seal properly big holes in your tyre, and it doesn’t break down over time – I’m still rolling on a repaired Assegai from last summer. The Muc-Off sealant’s thick, viscous nature means you actually need slightly less of it too, which is useful because while it’s excellent it’s not cheap.

gifts for mountain bikers

100% Brisker gloves are the essential winter hand warmers.

100% Brisker gloves

The Brisker gloves from 100% should be standard issue for every mountain biker. Warmth without the bulk and lack of feel that other brands’ biffy bike gloves disappoint you with. Again, owning multiple pairs of these is a winning situation.

DMR Deathgrip

DMR’s classic Deathgrips remains king of the cockpits.

DMR Deathgrip grips

Squidgy grips with dinky flanges that are available in almost every colour under the sun. Single lock-on design is a winner and the half-waffle half-grid design gets on well with all rider types.

SKS Mudrocker mudguard

The easily removable SKS Mudrocker mudguard will save your vision in the worst conditions.

SKS Mudrocker Front Mudguard

A mudguard is essential for keeping mud out of your face, and minimising how much ends up in the washing machine too. The SKS Mudrocker is one of the best because it’s bigger than its rivals thereby providing more of a screen, and it’s very easy to take on and off thanks to three broad velcro straps. That’s essential if you’re posting a bike into the back of a car after every ride because it stops the plastic guard getting bent out of whack.

Birzman BottleCleat

The Birzman BottleCleat is a neat and unobtrusive way to stay hydrated.

Birzman BottleCleat

Give you bike a clean look this winter with the Birzman BottleCleat, a neat design that lets you do away with a traditional cage so your bike’s clean lines are never interrupted. It’s lightweight, easy to use, doesn’t cost a bomb and it’s super easy to install too.

Express VPN 

Where can you watch all the mountain bike racing including World Cups live in 2024? The truth is nobody really knows, now the old provider GCN+ is out of the picture. But one sure-fire way to make sure you don’t miss any racing is through an Express VPN subscription.

World Cup action will be shown in Europe through Discovery+ and Eurosport, but if you happen to be travelling in the US or elsewhere in the world you could miss out. All you have to do is download and install a VPN and use a location inside the United Kingdom to watch the broadcast live as if you were back home.

Setting up a VPN is simple – just download, install, open the app and select your location.

Same story with Red Bull Rampage, which in 2023 was free to watch anywhere in the world except the US. That meant if you were passing through the States you’d miss out on one of the best events in mountain biking. Again, all you need to do is try out Express VPN.

Great gifts from £25 to £50

ODI Reflex GripsODI Reflex grips

New ODI, the Reflex looks like a mash-up of the best bits from its other grips. And that’s because it is. ODI has borrowed the raised grid palm pad from its Elite Pro grip, the underside Waffle pattern from the Ruffian, and pumped up the size. Next step, add a ribbed ‘mushroom’ panel for your thumb area close to the collars, and a medium compound rubber and you’ve got some the comfiest hand holds in the game. 

Specialized Hillbilly GRID Gravity T9 tyreSpecialized Hillbilly GRID Gravity T9 tyre

OK so a tyre isn’t the coolest of Christmas presents, but we guarantee you it’ll bring a smile to a rider’s face first time out on the Hillbilly. That’s because it offers incredible grip over slimy and slippery terrain, all without offering too much in the way of drag. Specialized has the best value tyres in the business too, it’s literally two thirds the price of a Maxxis Shorty mud spike.

Peaty’s Bicycle Brush Set

Peaty’s Bicycle Brush Set accesses the crevices other brushes cannot reach.

Peaty’s Bicycle Brush Set

One for people who like to keep their bikes clean as a whistle, Peaty’s Bog Brush (as it’s affectionately known in my house) is the daddy of cleaning sets. The bog brush in question has 360 degree bristles to work over the frame, while the Detailer brush looks like a U-bend scrubber but is priceless when it comes to cleaning those hard to reach parts around the shock or between linkages.

Great gifts from £50 to £100

Endura MT500 Burner Lite Pant

Smart pantalons from Endura: the MT500 Burner Lite.

Endura MT500 Burner Lite Pant

Endura’s done something special with the MT500 Burner Lite Pant, bringing all its attention to detail and amazing build quality to a pant that weighs half as much as the competition. That makes it super easy to pedal in, and perfect for riders who prefer the feel of shorts but want the modern styling of pants (trousers, if you’re over 40). The cut is excellent, it’s comfy, the length and width is perfect.

Rapha MTB Trail Hip Pack

Rapha’s trendy MTB Trail Hip Pack is as hip as the name suggests.

Rapha MTB Trail Hip Pack

Rapha is a premium cycling brand with tons of street-cred, and that transfers across to the dirt world too, where the Trail Hip Pack is one of the best performing bumbags around. It doesn’t flinch when riding, the outside is clean and compact and comes with a handy bungee for big items, while inside are organisers galore.

Madison Crypto GlassesMadison Crypto Glasses 

Eye protection is an essential for mountain biking, protecting us from mud, wind and worse, and until now you had to pay a premium for a wide-coverage lens. The Madison Crypto Glasses change that, they offer a huge lens, with good clarity, look stylish and there’s even a a mouldable nose piece for different-sized noses. 

LifeLine’s Digital Shock Suspension Pump gives you consistent, accurate suspension readings.

LifeLine Digital Shock Suspension Pump

This pump features an ergonomic pump handle and the suspension industry-standard Schrader valve head. For ease of use, it is equipped with a flexible hose, which has a pivot mount to minimise any risk of damaging the valve. To ensure durability and long life it is made using a precision formed alloy body.

Great gifts over £100

7Mesh Chilco Thermal Anorak men's mountain bike jersey7Mesh Chilco Anorak

The Anorak is part of a new breed of soft-shell riding jackets that use a single layer with different faces to pull moisture away from your body, but keep the heat in. It’s clever stuff, letting you stay warm and dry and the jacket dry out fast. If you want the coolest looking, warm jacket in the biz, look no further.

Garmin Edge 1040 SolarGarmin Edge 1040 Solar

If you want to follow a new route, scale a mountain, find new trails, or just log your rides, the Garmin Edge 1040 Solar is the best GPS computer going. It boasts a really long battery life so you won’t run out mid ride, and that’s backed up by a solar-charging screen (should the sun ever be seen again). It’s got great connectivity for mapping and metrics, and it’ll even connect to Shimano STEPS for your e-bike and TrailForks to scope out new trails.

Ryobi 18V One+ Cordless 22bar Power Washer Kit

The Ryobi Cordless Power Washer is a great product for winter mountain biking.

Ryobi 18V ONE+ Cordless 22bar Power Washer

The Ryobi pressure washer is ideal for those of us who don’t want to haul a stinking, muddy bike back home again after a winter ride. It’s cordless and the battery lasts long enough to properly wash two bikes, while you can use any water source, be that a bucket, stream, bottle or even a muddy puddle. There are three pressures settings, a rinse mode, a powerful strip mode concentrated to a 15º exit angle, and a Turbo setting, which I found perfect for hosing down an e-bike. The Ryobi 18v One+ Cordless is the best realised mobile washer on out there.

gifts for mountain bikers

CRC gift voucher

Chain Reaction Cycles gift voucher

View Gift Vouchers at Chain Reaction Cycles

Gift vouchers get a bad rap. “Why not just give money?” is the oft-repeated question? Why not give money? Because you can spend/fritter money anywhere. Give someone real money and they’ll probably end up spending it on fuelling thier car or something. Giving a gift voucher is a nicely ‘restrictive’ gift; it gives the person a bit of free reign to buy the thing(s) they want, but you have made it so it has to be something to do with cycling.

All of the brands and products listed above are ones we’d recommend from the regular, independent testing that we carry out every week. So these are either specific products that we’ve ridden and rated, or at the very least are brands we’re familiar with and rate highly.