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Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle tyre sealant


Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle tyre sealant review


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Looking a bit like a packet of Capri Sun, Muc-Off’s No Puncture sealant is definitely not cheap, but it was the only gunge to seal the 2.7mm hole, 5mm hole and sidewall cut in our big August issue grouptest. One sachet will fill a single tyre with a bit left over and the integrated nozzle lets you squirt it directly into the tyre through the valve, minimising waste and mess.

Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle sealant is brand new and, regardless of the size you buy, is one of the most expensive sealants out there.

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We tested the 140ml sachet, which easily filled our 29×2.4in test tyre but it has a thin nozzle that fits directly in a Presta valve stem reducing mess and waste.

Despite being one of the thickest sealants on test, No Puncture Hassle distributes evenly around the inside of the tyre. When we first squirted the full 140ml there’s didn’t seem like much left in the bottom of the tyre but we needn’t have worried because this luminous pink gunk sealed the 2.75mm puncture in barely a revolution. It also sealed the larger 5mm almost instantly and, while most sealants on test only sealed the sidewall cut temporarily,No Puncture Hassle sealed it permanently and we even managed to re-inflate the tyre after about an hour.

Muc Off’s No Puncture Hassle will cost you over £17 to do two standard sized tyres, more if you run Plus tyres, but it works. It’s a little bit thicker than most but it spreads out evenly in the tyre and sealed all the holes and cuts. It’s better value in the larger one litre size but the small 140ml pouch is convenient and even comes with a scoop, a valve core remover and a UV detector, which is a little light that you shine on the tyre to spot tiny leaks. If you’re running thinner tyres, compete in XC or Enduro events or just ride in a place where there’s lots of thorns, Muc Off No Punctutre Hassle is the one we’d recommend.


Muc Off No Puncture Hassle isn’t cheap but it works, and in our book that makes it a top buy. If you want the best out there, this is currently it.


Price per tyre:£8.56
Sizes:140ml, 1L and 5L