The Fasthouse Blitz is a contender for best summer mountain bike glove

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Fasthouse Blitz glove


  • Great connection to the grips thanks to the Clarino palm
  • Perfect fit, with stretchy mesh back and Airprene cuff


  • Not the cheapest glove out there, especially considering the minimal design


Fasthouse Blitz glove review


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Ride, rinse, repeat. The Fasthouse Blitz (formerly called the Wheeler) never strays far from my kit bag, hands, or the washing machine, in fact it’s one of the best mountain bike gloves around right now.

There’s not much to it really though. The back is made from really stretchy mesh, while the palm is made from Clarino leather, perforated with tiny holes for breathability. It gives you the best possible connection with the grips, while providing just enough protection from chaffing. Fasthouse has also extended the Clarino material, with a double layer up and over the cleft between thumb and forefinger, giving you extra protection for that hardwearing zone.

Simple stuff makes the Blitz a winner – thin Clarino palm, stretch back and a neoprene cuff

Then there are grippy silicone stripes to the index and middle fingers for better brake-lever friction, and those fingertips and tip of the thumb also get a touchscreen coating for phone or sat-nav fettling. The whole glove is held on by its stretchy, form hugging fit, and an Airprene cuff, the latter material being a new kind of breathable neoprene. Then it’s all double stitched together for a long life. That’s it.

I love the fit of the Blitz, it’s slim without being restrictive and impinging your fingers as they close. So many manufacturers mess this up, getting the finger to hand length ratio all wrong, but not Fasthouse. With a snug fit you do have to tug them on a little, but the material is so stretchy it’s not really a problem, while the neoprene cuff has a small tab to give you extra purchase to help you in the process. I’ve also been really impressed by the durability, there are no loose threads, torn seams or even rents in the mesh back despite a few tumbles since 2020.


The Blitz is very definitely not a winter glove, it’s built to keep you cool and in contact with the grip rather than fend off windchill or water. As a minimalist glove though, there are few better, it’s the perfect blend of light weight, comfort and protection.


Colours:Back, grey