How to bag a Black Friday bargain


It’s nearly over but don’t let the best Black Friday mountain bike deals slip away from you. We’ve added a whole host of new deals to this page.

You owe it to yourself for surviving the Black Friday onslaught by at least picking up a bargain price deal on something that you were wanting anyway.

Psst.. !Just when you thought it was safe to enter the water, Cyber Monday has started: see the newest Cyber Monday Mountain Bike Deals 2017 here.

Here are the best Black Friday mountain bike deals 2017

black friday mountain bike

Garmin Edge 1000 – £499.99 – £299.99

Save 40%! Now that the new Garmin 1030 is out you can find very good deal on the model it’s replacing. The best deal we’ve found is this one. Should you go for the new 1030 version? Not really, no. It’s loads mopre money and is practically the same device on the trail.

black friday mountain bike

HOY Shizuoka .001 2018 Hybrid Bike – £650.00 – £485.00

Save 25%! Okay, so this is not a mountain bike and  yes you are on a website called Mountain Bike rider. But we just really liked the look of this urban machine as it’ll do great work as a nippy and reliable all-surface commute bike that combines the swiftness of a road bike with the stability and reliability of a mountain bike. And it looks cool.

GoPro Karma Drone with Hero6 Camera – £1,299.99 – £1,049.00

Drones are one of those very-2017 items that are now just about entering the realms of affordability for non-professional filmmakers. Contrary to what you might think, you don’t really need to know how to remote control steer a drone. A lot of it is done automatically with built anti-crash sensors and so on.

Adventure Zooom Balance Bike – £99.00 – £69.00

This Zooom model from Adventure Outdoor Co is in Evans Cycles’ Black Friday sale and it’s really a very good deal indeed. 6061 alloy frame prevents it from being a leaden lump. The rims are proper alloy rims which again saves on weight and also prevents rusting.

SRAM XX1 Eagle Groupset Black 10/50 – £1.090.00 – £850.00

SRAM Eagle XX1 is much sought after and as such rarely gets in a significant sale discount. Until now that is. Save 22% on the normal retail price.

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon 27.5″ – £4,450.00 – £2,999.00

150mm travel trail bike with a carbon frame that sports Spesh’s famous SWAT ‘down tube wardrobe’ technology. Sorted geometry, four-bar suspension and a well thought out spec sheet. We’re amazed there’s actually any of these bikes still available at Black Friday time but there you go.

MBR Subscription - Black Friday

MBR Subscription Deal – £17.20

Don’t miss out on a half price MBR subscription in our Black Friday Weekend sale. We are giving you the opportunity to join us as an MBR subscriber from just £17.20! Deal ends midnight 27th November.

Exposure Joystick MK12 font light – £159.95 – £111.96

The Exposure Joystick is a genuine modern classic bit of design. It can be hard to understand just why the Joystick is so great. Until you’ve used one.

Exposure MaXx-D Mk10 Front Light - 3300 Lumen

Exposure MaXx-D Mk10 Front Light – 3300 Lumen

Exposure Maxx-D MK10 front light – £424.95 – £262.46

No night ride can take place (safely!) without a proper bike light – but a good quality front beam can be expensive.

The Exposure Maxx-D MK10 is a seriously bright option. In fact, it’s so good it won the last MBR lights grouptest (published November 2017), with a very solid score of 10/10.

130mm travel GT Sensor full suspension bike – £1799.99 – £1,079

The folks over at Rutland Cycling have got Medium and Large size 130mm travel GT Sensor full suspension bikes for only £1,079. Wowsers!

That’s 40% hacked off its £1,799 SRP.

Raleigh Padded Bike Bag – £89.99 – £24.95

Whether you’re off to Barbados biking (is there any mountain biking on Barbados? We’ve no idea, sorry) or you want to stashj your bike somewhere better in storage while you hibernate away from the filth and take up Backgammon instead – this is a good bike bag.

Hope Vision R4+ Front LED light – £230.00 – £169.99

Some folk are Hope fanboys (or fangirls) and they have anything and everything on their bikes that can possibly be made by Hope, er, made by Hope. brakes, stems, cranks, headsets, bottom brackets, wheels… and lights. And why not? Hope don’t make a duff product.

Look 927 Mountain Bike Frame – £2,265.00 – £999.00

Save 56%! This could be the start of one heck of high end bling XC speed machine. 120mm travel carbon full sus with 27.5in wheel size, 142 bolt thru back and dropper-friendly seat tube diameter.

Shimano M7000 SLX Chainset – £124.99 – £52.50

Save 58%! A no-nonsense SLX chainset. It’s not in any funny lengths or unwanted chainring sizes either. It’s yer vlassic 175mm arms with a 32T chainring on there.

Camelbak Kudu 8 hydration pack – £139.99 – £75.00

When Camlebak came out with the Kudu range of hydration packs they were clearly aiming to ride high on the enduro hype wave but – to be frank – they were far too expensive. They are beautifully made things full of great design but £140 was OTT.

Shimano XT M8000 11 Speed Shadow+ Rear Derailleur – £89.99 – £42.50

What can you say about the XT rear mech? It’s almost boring in its perfect blend of function, weight, price and aesthetic. Oh yeah, we know what you can say: HERE’S ONE BEING FLOGGED AT LESS THAN HALF PRICE!

Transition Smuggler Mountain Bike Frame – £1,599.95 – £1,050.00

Save 34.5%! Transition’s take on a shorter travel 29er isn’t really quite like anyone else’s. This thing may ‘only’ have 115mm of travel at the back but it has the handling and attitude to get walloped down anything you slide it into. Top fun twenty niner.

Fox Clothing Metah Helmet – £100.00 – £49.99

Save £50! Metah. Me-tah. METAH! METAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Who know show you say it – or indeed why Fox called their enduro lid such a silly made-up word name – let’s just stare in awe and glee at the sub fifty quid price tag.

Continental Trail King Folding Tyre – £22.95 – £11.16

Half price for a classic Conti design that will serve you well all year round – especially as a multi condition rear tyre. Available in 26in and in 27.5in (sorry wagon wheelers!) although we do miss the days when it was called the Rubber Queen(!)

Fox Core Wallet – £25.00 – £9.99

Save 60%! No Fox cores were harmed in the production of this wallet. Wallets make for great Christmas (yes, Christmas already) presents. So bung this in your basket if you have a riding buddy you should be ‘gifting at’ this Xmas.

Endura Mullet Light Reactive Glasses – £59.99 – £19.99

Save up to 66%! ‘Light Reactive’ is what your Dad or Mum would called ‘Reactalite’ ie. they’re lenses that change tint depending on the brightness of the weather. Good coverage and handy vents to reduce steaming up.

Topeak Pocket Rocket – £18.99 – £8.99

Now then, it can be hard to get excited about a mini pump but when it comes to press one into service you’ll be thankful you bought a decent one. The Pocket Rocket is a classic mini pump. Compact but capable. Not your usual cheap, plastic, uncomfy, leaky, frustrating affair.

Bontrager Co2 Air Pack – £29.99 – £14.99

Are you enduro enough? You can never be too enduro, surely? Even if you have zero interest in strapping on a number board there’s a lot to be said for the enduro method of saving weight and increasing efficiency of your kit. Co2 kits are ace.

Giro Montaro MIPS Helmet – £149.99 – £75.00

Save up to 50%! Good ol’ Giro. While everyone around them is losing their head trying to be different and striking, out come the big G-Unit with a lid that looks totally bob-on. No-one surfs the zeitgeist quite so well as Giro.

Dexshell UltraThin Waterproof Sock – £22.00 – £12.99

It’s winter. You can’t have enough waterproof socks. And you can never have enough waterproof socks when it comes to spring, summer and autumn too.

crc mountain bike deals

Crank Brothers Cobalt 3 seatpost – £79.99 – £14.99

Save 81%! Even though everyone uses a dropper post these days on their main bike there is still occasion for a regular seatpost. And this is simply a stunning deal.

crc mountain bike deals

Nukeproof Warhead Riser Bars – £44.99 – £19.99

Save 56%! The Warhead is a modern classic handlebar. Wide and with a sweep that suits plenty of riders. Available in a coupl eof widths and rise options.

crc mountain bike deals

Shimano XT M8000 Crankset – £129.99 – £89.99

Save 31%! Even despite their bespoke BCD design, Shimano cranks are still the most in-demand crank there are. You can pick up Shimano BCD aftermarket chainrings now too.

crc mountain bike deals

Royal Drift 3/4 Sleeve Jersey – £39.99 – £21.99

Save 45%! Full sleeve jerseys can be cumbersome and too warm. Short sleeve jerseys leave you vulnerable to undergrowth attacks. 3/4 sleeve jerseys are an excellent idea.

wiggle black friday deals

Crank Brothers Candy 3 pedals – £109.99 – £64.99

Save 40%! Cunning rotating four sided entry mechanism held within the usual two sided pedal body. Plenty of folk moving to Crank Bros these days and loving it.

wiggle black friday deals

Gore Bike Wear Alp-X Pro Windstopper Softshell shorts – £119.99 – £60.00

Save 49%! Waterproof shorts are all well and good but they aren’t exactly thermal and often they ‘wet out’ and become bone chillers. These softshell shorts keep the chilling wind out and a lot of water spray too. Genius really.

wiggle black friday deals

Gore Bike Wear Power Trail Gore-Tex Active Shell Shorts – £119.99 – £59.99

Save 50% Yes we just ragged on waterproof shorts in the paragraph above BUT they do still have a place. If the wind is absent and the temperatures are mild but there’s still loads of splash around then a light pair of Gore-Tex shorts are great.

wiggle mountain bike deals

POC Do Blade – £180.00 – £75.00

Save £58%! POC style combined with Carl Zeiss optics, these are some of the most in-demand eyewear around in cycling circles. A very rare deal to snap up fast!

GoPro Hero 5 Black now just £260

The seriously good GoPro Hero 5 Black is just £260 on eBay. It’s a certified refurb, but it they still go through GoPro’s rigorous quality control and get the standard 12 months warranty. 4K filming and a 12mp camera for a bargain price.

black friday mountain bike deals

Oakley Radar EV Pitch Prizm Trail – £160.00 – £96.00

Save 40%! Cheap Oakley alert! These have got Prizm Trail lenses and evs.

black friday mountain bike deals

Exposure Diablo Mk9 1500 Lumen – £209.95 – £146.96

Save 30%! The Diablo is a bout as large as you can go with a helmet light before it starts to be obstrusively weighty on your head.

black friday mountain bike deals

SRAM XX1 Eagle Groupset – £1,090.00 – £874.99

Save 19%! Worn out your 10 or 11 speed drivetrain and want to jump ship up to a big and bling 12 speeder setup? Here you go then.

black friday mountain bike deals

Specialized Ambush Comp Helmet – £85.00 – £51.00

Save 40%! A versatile do everything helmet that’s equally at home on the trails as it is between the tapes of an enduro course.

black friday mountain bike deals

Specialized 2FO Cliplite Lace Shoes – £100.00 – £60.00

Save 40%! What does “2FO” mean exactly? Well, it actually refers to the phrase “foot out, flat out” (= 2 x FO, geddit?) but you’ll not nbe riding foot out on these things. You’ll be clipped in and hammering.

black friday mountain bike deals

Charge Cooker 20 Kids Bike – £349.00 – £260.00

Save 25%! Although this is all about Black Friday, let’s be honest, a lot of these BF Bargains are being harvested up for use as Christmas presents. And what’s a better prezzie than a bike? Nothing, that’s what.

black friday mountain bike deals

Charge Cooker 24 Kids Bike – £369.00 – £275.00

Save 25%! A bigger wheel version of the bike above. Dude, imagine opening this under the Xmas tree on December 25th morning? You’d be straight outta the door in your jimjams!

And now, as of earlier this week, Tredz haven’t been able to contain themselves any longer either.

Here’s our shortlist of the headline deals…

black friday mountain bike deals

Endura Hummvee 3/4 length baggy cycling shorts – £61.99 – £27.99

Save 55%! A classic set of autmn-winter-spring-and-most-of-summer shorts from Endura. With a whopping more than half price discount.

black friday mountain bike deals

Fox Clothing Flexair Jacket – £250.00 – £99.99

Save 60%! This burly jacket is arguably a bit OTT for actually riding in but that’s alright because its main remit is as an off-the-bike post-ride pubbing jacket.

black friday mountain bike deals

Lizard Skins Monitor 2.0 gloves – £35.00 – £9.99

Save 71%! You should always buy glvoes from respected brands if you find them in the sale. Always. You can never have too many riding gloves.

black friday mountain bike deals

Scott Stego MTB helmet – £119.99 – £54.99

Save 54%! A fully featured MIPS-enabled enduro and trial riding helmet from Scott. Only available in one colourway but we reckon this black and green combo is the best one anyway.

Chain Reaction Cycles’ Black Friday best deals

black friday mountain bike

Five Ten Impact VXi – £115.00 – £57.49

Save up to 50%! Five Tens are never in the sale are they? Except now they are. Rejoice!

black friday mountain bike

7 iDP M4 helmet – £59.99 – £20.99

Save up to 50%! A modern day mountain biking helmet for half (an already impressive) price. Plenty of colourway choices available too.

black friday mountain bike

SRAM GX Eagle 12sp Groupset – £425.00 – £299.99

Save 29%! By far, far, far the most cost effective way of moving on up to the twelve speed wide range drivetrain, GX Eagle is being punted out with almost a third knocked off its SRP.

Wiggle’s Black Friday best deals

black friday mountain bike

Mobi V-15 Portable Bike Pressure Washer – £99.99 – £54.99

Save 45%! Clean your bike. Save your car’s boot from an early death. Extend the life of your drivetrain. Multiple wins all round.

black friday mountain bike

Endura Helium jacket – £89.99 – £44.99

Save 50%! Endura are another brand are seemingly never in the sales, so this makes this jacket something of a rarity. Pounce ‘pon!

What is Black Friday?

Yep, it’s an American thing (or should that be thang?). It’s the first Friday after Thanksgiving. It’s essentially the start of the Christmas shopping season. In a practical sense, Black Friday is usually the last pay day before Christmas Day.

Black Friday gets the tabloid headlines for the fights that break out in ASDA over big tellies but for most normal folk it’s an explicitly internet shopping phenomenon. For us mountain bikers it means the big online cycling retailers like Wiggle, Chain Reaction Cycles and Evans Cycles are visited in our browsers even more than they are already.

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When is Black Friday in 2017?


Theoretically Black Firday is Friday, 24th November 2017. But the sales have started already.

As you know, it’s become more than just a single day. You can expect Black Friday sales to kick off at the start of the week – at least.

The best deals may well be reserved for the big day itself but Black Friday stuff is already flying around from the very first days of November.

And let’s not forget Cyber Monday three days after Black Friday. Yet ANOTHER big day for online shopping. Cyber Monday typically sees retailers bringing out a fresh batch of new deals to tempt you with.

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What have previous Black Fridays been like?

Black Friday is a new concept over here in the UK but the last couple of years have seen it become an established and accepted (albeit grudgingly) phenomenon in Britain. According to 2016’s stats, in the four days from Black Friday onwards, the British spent nearly £6 billion! Which is about a 15% increase on 2015’s numbers. As is typical, online sales make up more than half of the total Black Friday spend.

After a confused and confusing couple of years in 2014 and 2015, last year saw the cycling retailers finally get together some good deals that weren’t just piles of unsold tat or deals that simply weren’t very impressive.

In 2016 the more clued-up retailers seemed to order in Black Friday-specific stock and specific product. Much in the same way that supermarkets bulk-buy in big televisions and use them as attention-grabbing loss-leaders, some bike shops were seem giving away high-ticket items at rock-bottom prices.

Having said that, it is still hard to predict and summarise what is likely to be on sale. The variety is immense. From a punter’s point of view, Black Friday is great time to buy things like frames, forks, helmets, jackets and brakes. It’s also a good time to buy those sort of items that you don’t tend to buy but you know you probably should do; bike maintenance and repair stuff. Proper tools and workstands and so on.

What sort of Black Friday mountain bike deals will there be?

The general vibe of Black Friday is for big discounts on electronic and techno gadgets as well as high-value products such as complete bikes or suspension forks.

Some retailers will have strategically purchased in bulk certain one-off items – perhaps items that are bespoke to them or otherwise limited edition stuff.

Other retailers will strictly see it as a way off offloading the remaining 2016 components and bikes. And lastly, some retailers may just offer a flat discount for baskets totalling a certain amount ie. ‘10% off orders of £100 or more’ type of thing.

The bottom line is that the bike industry doesn’t really have any set trends or tactics for Black Friday. Each retailer will be doing something different. Which makes it really good for consumers as there’s bound to something somewhere worthwhile and relevant.

Some Black Friday handy hints

  • Write a shopping list
  • Stick to it!
  • Set a budget while you’re at it
  • Stick to it!

You can’t forget Amazon

Amazon pretty much invented Black Friday and while they obviously aren’t a cycling-centric retailer they do carry pretty much anything and everything. Black Friday 2016 at Amazon

What about other cycling retailers?

Everyone and anyone in the online retailing world will be doing some Black Friday discounting.

Check out all our Black Friday stories below…

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Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is three days after Black Friday. Yet ANOTHER big day for online shopping. Cyber Monday typically sees retailers bringing out a fresh batch of new deals to tempt you with. This is more along the lines of how Wiggle do things usually, for example.