Cyber Monday marks the end of the 'Black Month' sales season bonanza (TFFT!)


What follows Black Friday? Why, Cyber Monday of course! The final day of wide-eyed flogging. Here’s our pick of the Cyber Monday mountain bike deals.

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When is Cyber Monday 2019?

Monday December 2nd.

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The best Cyber Monday mountain bike deals 2019

There are so many deals that they’re hard to keep track of, so we’ll scour through the list to pick products we recommend at prices that offer genuine savings.

cyber monday mountain biking

Endura MT500 Waterproof Suit was £399.99, now £351.99

Save 12%! Call it what you want. The onesie, the romper suit, the fart bag… Whatever. For some riders the all-in-one waterproof overall is one of the best things to happen for several years. There’s none better than Endura’s MT500 version.

Buy Now: Endura MT500 Waterproof Suit from Cycle Store for only £351.99!

FSA K-Force MTB Wheelset was £1,486.00, now £479.99

Save 68%! Carbon wheels for under a grand. Hang on, these are carbon wheels for under FIVE HUNDRED QUID! Blimey. They’re not even weridy spec or outmoded. These hoops are 26.1mm internal width, so good for up to 2.4in tyres. Available in 27.5 and 29in flavours.

Buy Now: FSA K-Force MTB Wheelset from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £479.99!

Altura Thermostat Bib Tights was £99.99, now £40.00

Save 60%! You may scroll past these, dismissing them as roadie-wear, but that would be a mistake. A set of these worn under a pair of lightweight modern MTB riding trousers and you’ll be playing out on your bike whatever the weather.

Buy Now: Altura Thermostat Bib Tights from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £40.00!

Manitou Mattoc Pro Forks Boost 160mm was £799.99, was £399.99

Save 50%! The Manitou Mattoc is the New Labour of mountain bike enduro forks. In other words, it’s The Third Way. It’s not Fox. It’s not RockShox. It’s still an incredibly capable, reliable and adjustable 160mm travel suspension fork. For four hundred pounds!

Buy Now: Manitou Mattoc Pro Forks BOOST from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £399.99!

Endura MT500 Plus Overshoe For Flat Pedals was £44.99, now £22.50

Save 50%! Fed up of soggy Five Tens weighing you down – and chilling you to the core from the bottom up? Cover them up with a wetsuit welly. These cleverly designed overshoes have a big opening underneath for your flat pedal (or even chunky clipless pedal).

Buy Now: Endura MT500 Plus Overshoe from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £22.50!

Nukeproof Horizon Advanced Rim Defence ARD Pair was £49.99, now £34.99

Save 30%! These ARDs are far and away one of the more affordable tyre inserts out there. These help ward off pinch flats as well as also protecting your rim from dents or split-making impacts. You also get a set of tubeless valves in the package. Nice.

Buy Now: Nukeproof Horizon Advanced Rim Defence ARD Pair from Wiggle for only £34.99!

CycleOps M2 Wheel On Smart Turbo Trainer was £499.99, now £299.99

Save 40%! There are loads of reasons why you might wish to join the modern wave of mountain biking Zwifters: you struggle in bad weather, you can’t fit enough riding in during winter darkness times, you like gadgets, you want to get fit for 2020, or you just like gaming and want to stick your mountain bike in there too.

Buy Now: CycleOps M2 Wheel On Smart Turbo Trainer from Rutland Cycling for only £299.99!

Marin Wolf Ridge 9 29er Full Suspension Bike was £5,999, now £2,699

Save 55%! Here’s real proof that people buy mountain bikes based heavily on aesthetics more than actual function. The Marin Wolf Ridge is not a looker. What it is though is a ground-hoovering hovercraft that would blow a lot of riders’ minds, should they were to actually ride one rather than wield their prejudices in the internet comment boxes.

Buy Now: Marin Wolf Ridge 9 29er Full Suspension Bike from Wiggle for only £2,699!

What is Cyber Monday?

Who knows any more really! It’s essentially a continuation of the modern-day late-November sales period with an online twist.

It’s the Monday that follows Black Friday to give you a simple answer.

The ‘cyber’ tag is partly a charming throwback to the days when buying online was not the multiple-times-a-day-with-your-phone novelty, and partly a nod to the high tech nature of the goods being hawked.

Surprising as it is to some folk, Cyber Monday is still unusually huge day for buying stuff online. Even though the Black Friday jaded naysaying begins sometime around mid-November, it still really is the extended weekend of Black Friday itself through to Cyber Monday that sees a bonkers £5.8 billion being spent by British consumers.

With stats like that, Black Friday and Cyber Monday isn’t going to go away.