Chain Reaction Cycles, Wiggle, Tredz and Rutland Cycling have kicked off the Blackness already!


Black Friday 2019 is here already! We’ll round up the very, very best Black Friday mountain bike deals and list it all on this page.

November is the biggest time for online purchasing of the year and with these deals it’s not hard to see why.

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There are typically so many Black Friday deals that they’re hard to keep track of, so we’ll scour through the list to pick products we recommend at prices that offer genuine savings.

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Here are the best Black Friday mountain bike deals right now

Michelin Wild Rock’R 2 Advanced Magi-X 29 x 2.35 tyre was £71.99, £28.35

Save 61%! “Perfect in all conditions, the Michelin 29 x 2.35 Wild Rock R2 Advanced Reinforced Magi-X MTB Tyre has incredible grip, superb steering accuracy and handles the hardest terrains.”

Buy Now: Michelin Wild Rock’R 2 Advanced Magi-X 29 x 2.35 tyre from Rutland Cycling for only £28.35!

Stans No Tubes Freeride Tubeless Kit was £69.99, now £31.19

Save 55%! “The great value of Stan’s No Tubes Freeride Tubeless Kit means that you could save yourself a great deal of money and weight rather than shell out for other expensive Tubeless Systems. This No Tubes Freeride Tubeless Kit will fit most 26″ and 24″ rims 36m to 39mm wide.”

Buy Now: Stans No Tubes Freeride Tubeless Kit from Rutland Cycling for only £31.19!

Endura MT500 II Glove was £34.99. now £17.99

Save 49%! “Knuckle and finger moulded for protection, palm padding for comfort and silicone print for extra grip. Here’s Endura’s MT500 II glove – a hard working essential for the track and trail.”

Buy Now: Endura MT500 II Glove from Rutland Cycling for only £17.99!

Lazer Phoenix+ Full Face MTB Helmet was £69.99, now £49.99

Save 29%! “Undoubtedly one of the best value full face helmets currently on the market, the Phoenix+ possesses all the features you need, with a stunning price tag to match.”

Buy Now: Lazer Phoenix+ Full Face MTB Helmet from Rutland Cycling for only £49.99!

Fabric Chamber Ratchet 13 Function Mini Tool was £39.99, now £31.99

Save 20%! “The Chamber multi-tool lets you hit the road with full confidence that you are ready for anything. It features 13 practical functions with a unique, double sided ratchet that allows you to reach the most awkward of adjustments. It features long, stainless steel bits that are harder to lose, and a clean aesthetic that you come to expect of Fabric.”

Buy Now: Fabric Chamber Ratchet 13 Function Mini Tool from Rutland Cycling for only £31.99!

Dare2b Equal Jersey was £30.00, now £5.99

Save 80%! “This Dare2b half-zip workout jersey with short sleeves is designed to be lightweight, quick drying and form fitting, to ensure you can get the best out of your ride.”

Buy Now: Dare2b Equal Jersey from Tredz for only £5.99!

Camelbak Skyline LR 10 Low Rider was £114.99, now £57.49

Save 50%! “The Skyline is a full-featured MTB hydration pack designed to keep your gear organized, with a3-litre Crux reservoir, helmet hooks, compression webbing for storing soft armor, and an XV back panel to keep your back cool and ventilated.”

Buy Now: Camelbak Skyline LR 10 Low Rider from Tredz for only £57.49!

Cube All Mountain flat pedals was £79.95, now £46.99

Save 41%! “The lightweight CNC machined body is robust and features a low, concave shape. This combines with the 10 pins on each side to deliver superb grip.  Industrial bearings and bushings make sure these flat pedals will spin smoothly and be protected against the elements.”

Buy Now: Cube All Mountain flat pedals from Tredz for only £46.99!

Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner 1L was £10.99, now £4.39

Save 60%! “Muc-Off bike cleaner in a handy 1 litre spray bottle, ready to strip the crud from your pride and joy. Lasts longer than you might think and works great on every surface of your bike even the brake rotors and pads.”

Buy Now: Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner from Tredz for only £4.39!

SRAM NX Eagle DUB groupset was £365.00, now £229.99

Save 37%! “NX Eagle brings you a wide range of gear choices engineered for simplicity and durability, so you can focus on what matters most—the ride ahead. German engineered and proudly bearing the SRAM Eagle stamp of approval, NX Eagle is ready to let the world know what real riding feels like.”

Buy Now: SRAM NX Eagle DUB groupset from Tredz for only £229.99!

Mavic XA Elite 27.5in wheelset was £499.00, now £349.99

Save 30%! “he first thing that sets the XA apart from the competition is the Maxtal rim. Our patented ISM 4D technology removes all but the most necessary material, so you get snappier acceleration and a more dynamic ride quality.”

Buy Now: Mavic XA ELite 27.5in wheelset from Tredz for only £349.99!

Troy Lee Designs History water bottle was £16.99, now £6.49

Save 61%! “24 ounce Big Mouth bottle provides plenty of volume for all types of rides. The soft flexible bottle ensures a good feel and the easy to open, and leak-proof MoFlo cap provides the highest water flow rate possible. Stay hydrated in style with TLD’s water bottle.”

Buy Now: Troy Lee Designs History water bottle from Tredz for only £6.49!

Alpinestars F-Lite Long Finger gloves was £25.00, now £9.99

Save 60%! “With a superbly lightweight and breathable stretch mesh chassis and a perforated palm Alpinestars F-Lite Glove affords a close and supple fit with excellent feel on the handlebars. Elasticized cuff closures and a cloth patch boost this glove’s additional convenience features.”

Buy Now: Alpinestars F-Lite Long Finger gloves from Tredz for only £9.99!

Onza Aquila 27.5/29 x 2.4in tyre was £72.95, now £19.99

Save 73%! “Developed alongside some of the world’s fastest racers, Onza has engineered this stunning model for intense downhill and World Cup tracks.”

Buy Now: Onza Aquila MTB folding tyre from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £19.99!

Green Oil Eco Warrior Set was £84.99, now £39.99

Save 53%! “Green Oil Wet Chain Lube 100ml x 2. Bike Armour plate x 2. Green Clean bike cleaner 1 litre. Clean Chain degreaser jelly 100ml. EcoRag bike cleaning cloth. FSC certified Ergo Bicycle Brush. Ecogrease. Seed Pack to grow your own food.”

Buy Now: Green Oil Eco Warrior Set from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £39.99!

Mobi V-15 Portable Bike pressure washer was £99.99, now £49.99

Save 50%! “Irrespective of water pressure, the Mobi V-15 Portable Bike Pressure Washer remains quiet when in operation. At only 5 kilograms for a 15 litre capacity, the Mobi unit is lighter than its rivals in the UK market.”

Buy Now: Mobi V-15 Portable Bike pressure washer from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £49.99!

DMR Sled full suspension bike was £2,750.00, now £1,599.00

Save 42%! “The DMR Sled is an enduro race-ready full suspension mountain conqueror. This new design features offset shock bushings and modern geometry that was designed and fine-tuned alongside DMR Team riders.”

Buy Now: DMR Sled full suspension bike from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £1,599.00!

X-Tools Essential Torque Wrench was £36.99, now £24.99

Save 32%! “Correct torque settings are not only just important when installing components, it’s important when riding the bike too as it helps to prolong component life and ensure rider safety.”

Buy Now: X-Tools Essential Torque Wrench from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £24.99!

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Black Friday deals don’t last very long

The intrinsic nature of sales is that they don’t last forever. They are on for a limited time; either the stock sells out and there’s none left in your size, or the price goes back up again once the sales promotion is over. In other words, check the date when this story was published (see top of page, publication dates is listed next to the author name) to see when these deals were announced and act fast.

When is Black Friday in 2019?

Possibly sooner than you think.

Black Friday is Friday 29th November 2019.

But the sales will start earlier. As you know, it’s become more than just a single day. You can expect Black Friday sales to kick off at the start of the final week of November – at least.

The best deals may well be reserved for the big day itself but Black Friday stuff is already flying around from the very first days of November.

And let’s not forget Cyber Monday three days after Black Friday. Yet ANOTHER big day for online shopping. Cyber Monday typically sees retailers bringing out a fresh batch of new deals to tempt you with.

What is Black Friday?

Yep, it’s an American thing (or should that be thang?). It’s the first Friday after Thanksgiving. It’s essentially the start of the Christmas shopping season. In a practical sense, Black Friday is usually the last pay day before Christmas Day.

Black Friday gets the tabloid headlines for the fights that break out in ASDA over big tellies but for most normal folk it’s an explicitly internet shopping phenomenon. For us mountain bikers it means the big online cycling retailers like Wiggle, Chain Reaction Cycles and Evans Cycles are visited in our browsers even more than they are already.

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What have previous Black Fridays been like?

Black Friday is a new concept over here in the UK but the last couple of years have seen it become an established and accepted (albeit grudgingly) phenomenon in Britain. According to previous years’ stats, in the four days from Black Friday onwards, the British spend nearly £6 billion! With about a 15% increase year on year. As is typical, online sales make up more than half of the total Black Friday spend.

After a confused and confusing couple of years in 2014 and 2015, last year saw the cycling retailers finally get together some good deals that weren’t just piles of unsold tat or deals that simply weren’t very impressive.

In 2016 and 2017 the more clued-up retailers seemed to order in Black Friday-specific stock and specific product. Much in the same way that supermarkets bulk-buy in big televisions and use them as attention-grabbing loss-leaders, some bike shops were seem giving away high-ticket items at rock-bottom prices.

Having said that, it is still hard to predict and summarise what is likely to be on sale. The variety is immense. From a punter’s point of view, Black Friday is great time to buy things like frames, forks, helmets, jackets and brakes. It’s also a good time to buy those sort of items that you don’t tend to buy but you know you probably should do; bike maintenance and repair stuff. Proper tools and workstands and so on.

Some Black Friday handy hints

  • Write a shopping list
  • Stick to it!
  • Set a budget while you’re at it
  • Stick to it!

What sort of Black Friday mountain bike deals will there be?

The general vibe of Black Friday is for big discounts on electronic and techno gadgets as well as high-value products such as complete bikes or suspension forks.

Some retailers will have strategically purchased in bulk certain one-off items – perhaps items that are bespoke to them or otherwise limited edition stuff.

Other retailers will strictly see it as a way off offloading the remaining 2016 components and bikes. And lastly, some retailers may just offer a flat discount for baskets totalling a certain amount ie. ‘10% off orders of £100 or more’ type of thing.

The bottom line is that the bike industry doesn’t really have any set trends or tactics for Black Friday. Each retailer will be doing something different. Which makes it really good for consumers as there’s bound to something somewhere worthwhile and relevant.

You can’t forget Amazon

Amazon pretty much invented Black Friday and while they obviously aren’t a cycling-centric retailer they do carry pretty much anything and everything.

What about other cycling retailers?

Everyone and anyone in the online retailing world will be doing some Black Friday discounting.

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Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is three days after Black Friday. Yet ANOTHER big day for online shopping. Cyber Monday typically sees retailers bringing out a fresh batch of new deals to tempt you with. This is more along the lines of how Wiggle do things usually, for example.