Mountain bikers come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Here are 14 different types of mountain biker you're guaranteed to see out on a ride.

One of the capital's few mountain bike specialist bike shops - Soho Bikes of Berwick Street - has announced it is to close on Friday 26 January.

ht pa03a

Most cheap plastic (sorry - glass-reinforced nylon) pedals feel like something you’re saving up to replace, but the snappily-titled HT PA03A is solid.

trek mountain bikes

The best electric mountain bikes give you assistance up to 25kph, so it’s possible to pack twice as much riding into the same amount of time.

dmr vault

Long time mbr favourite, the DMR Vault is one of the best selling flats around. Machined from an extruded piece of aluminium, the platform spins on a heat-treated steel axle.

chromag contact

Designed with hardcore Canadian brand the Chromag Contact is Brandon Semenuk's very own pedal, universally acclaimed as the world’s most stylish mountain biker.