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Thomas Ganon (Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool)

Riders announced for 2018 Red Bull Rampage

The 13th year of Rampage sees veteran Rampagers Kurt Sorge (last year’s winner) and Cam Zink top the list of returning riders. Ethan Nell, the hometown hero who took home third in 2017 returns for 2018.

Last year’s People’s Choice winner (and the rider who a lot of folk ‘got robbed’ of the win) Antoine Bizet is not on the pre-qualified list.

Thankfully there are another 11 wildcard spots still to be announced.

Pre-qualified riders

  1. Kurt Sorge (CAN)
  2. Cameron Zink (USA)
  3. Ethan Nell (USA)
  4. Brandon Semenuk (CAN)
  5. Brett Rheeder (CAN)
  6. Thomas Genon (BEL)
  7. Carson Storch (USA)
  8. Kyle Strait (USA)
  9. Tyler McCaul (USA)
  10. Tom van Steenbergen (CAN)


To be announced.

The story of Red Bull Rampage

Rampage is bigger than mere marketing. It’s a one-off event that shows us the capabilities and potential of modern mountain bikes and their riders (or should that be pilots?)

It’s strangely something that all mountain bikers can relate to no matter their skill level. It’s about the point of no return. It’s about commitment. It’s about going out of your comfort zone. It’s about adrenalin and danger.

It’s been going for 12 years. Last year saw Rampage move to a new site, still in Utah. For 2018 there will be a new site once more but expect it to be very close by last year’s.

For 2016 the organisers attempted to return the event to its roots. They did away with the wooden super-structures of recent Rampages. This year’s Rampage was all dirt and rock.

This year’s Rampage

This year’s date and time: Friday October 26th usually at around 5:30pm (UK time).

21 riders in total. This is down from the 42 of previous years. Split between riders who have qualified and riders who are wildcards.

2017 Red Bull Rampage results

1. Kurt Sorge (CAN)

2016 Red Bull Rampage results

1. Brandon Semenuk (CAN)