Too good not to share

Red Bull Rampage is full of bravado, testosterone and quasi-Partridge commentary moments. Here’s a video that endearingly and ingeniously mocks the coverage of the insane freeride event and its riders and commentators.

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It’s a video in the them (or meme, if you will) of the myriad of ‘bad lip reading’ viral videos that do the rounds on Facebook and YouTube.

It’s basically some funny folk overdubbing the footage and making it look like – really look like – the people are saying things that they’re not really saying.

What’s the best line? It’s hard to top the opening bit – “Do you wanna go swimming?” – but the scene where Graham Agassiz is explaining dinosaurs is particularly inspired.

It’s a video that Red Bull themselves have been a part of so it’s not as mean spirited as you may think at first. The video is called “Misheard at Rampage: Hilarious & Wrong Voiceovers”

Red Bull: “Hear the best mountain bike riders in the world, interpreted by the world’s worst lip reading.”