Brett Rheeder took the win. Fairclough and Lacondeguy both snubbed.

Every year Red Bull Rampage simultaneously amazes, shocks, bores and confuses. 2018 was no different.

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Amazing things: loads of jawdropping tricks but arguably the fact that the event exits at all is the most amazing thing.

Shocking things: Brendan Fairclough’s none-more-Rampage run being awarded a paltry 67.66 points.

Boring things: even the most ardent freeride fan starts to flag as the coverage enters the fourth hour.

Confusing thing: Andreu Lacondeguy’s run not winning. Time for a rethink of how the judging goes down this year? Unlikely.

Red Bull Rampage results

1. Brett Rheeder: 89.66
2. Andreu Lacondeguy: 87.33
3. Ethan Nell: 86.33
4. Tom Van Steenbergen: 84.66
5. Thomas Genon: 83.33
6. Tyler McCaul: 82.00
7. Kyle Strait: 80.33
8. Szymon Godziek: 75.00
9. Kurt Sorge: 74.00
10. Brendan Fairclough: 67.66

Kelly McGarry Spirit Award: Brendan Fairclough

Best trick: Tom Van Steenbergen

People’s Choice Award: Adolf Silva

Brett Rheeder’s winning run

Andreu Lacondeguy 2nd place

Ethan Nell 3rd place

Red Bull Rampage full replay (4hrs 11mins)

0:11 – Pre-Show
13:30 – Run 1, Rider: Szymon Godziek
20:35 – Run 1, Rider: Brendan Fairclough
27:15 – Run 1, Rider: Brendan Fairclough
31:47 – Run 1, Rider: DJ Brandt
39:36 – Run 1, Rider: Remy Metailler
43:02 – Run 1, Rider: Reed Boggs
49:20 – Run 1, Rider: Adolf Silva
54:40 – Run 1, Rider: Andreu Lacondeguy
59:45 – Run 1, Rider: Jordy Lunn
1:08:44 – Run 1, Rider: Graham Agassiz
1:13:39 – Run 1, Rider: Tom van Steenbergen
1:21:34 – Run 1, Rider: Tyler McCaul
1:26:28 – Run 1, Rider: Kyle Strait
1:34:51 – Run 1, Rider: Carson Storch
1:40:26 – Run 1, Rider: Thomas Genon
1:46:22 – Run 1, Rider: Brett Rheeder
1:51:47 – Run 1, Rider: Brandon Semenuk
1:59:18 – Run 1, Rider: Ethan Nell
2:08:58 – Run 1, Rider: Kurt Sorge

Paris Gore / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Rampage press release

Brett Rheeder wins first Red Bull Rampage title in style

Canadian rider sends down flawless run in the desert full of backflips and 360s.

Brett Rheeder mastered the new Red Bull Rampage course to win his first title at freeride mountain biking’s biggest event.

The Canadian, 25, overcame the extreme course and 18 other riders from around the world to lift the title on his sixth attempt in Virgin, Utah. Here is all you need to know:

– Red Bull Rampage was first hosted in 2001 and has become the truest test of skill and mental toughness on a mountain bike. Touted as one of the most challenging events in the world, featuring the world’s best athletes and set in one of the most demanding locations on the planet, the event has become the most coveted title in Freeride Mountain Biking.

– Ontario native Rheeder, who suffered a heavy crash in practise, landed the best run of the day with his first run down the hill. The run included two flawless backflips and a 360 which scored 89.66 off the judges.

– Rheeder said: “This is my sixth time competing at Red Bull Rampage and my first three years were tough. I was way out of my element and it took a long time to finally be a contender for the title and it feels unreal.”

– Andreu Lacondeguy grabbed second place and his third podium in Red Bull Rampage history, with local rider Ethan Nell taking third for the second consecutive year in only his second appearance at the event.

– Lacondeguy said: “I knew I had to change something with my line and my riding, I felt good since day one and my team killed it. I just had fun and had an awesome time and at the end that is what makes the riding good. Hopefully I can step it up next year.”

– Nineteen of the world’s top freeriders participated in the 13th edition of the event at Zion National Park.

– The riders have two pulsating contest runs which begin at 3,606 feet, and finish 780 feet below after two minutes of extreme riding. The athletes regularly perform tricks on jumps which have drops of more than 40 feet.

– Each rider brought along two diggers and worked tirelessly for two weeks to prepare their lines down the newly selected venue. Ahead of the big day, only a handful of riders had managed to ride each feature in their runs.

– Canadian Tom van Steenbergen, who finished in fourth, performed the biggest flat drop backflip in event history, a move that saw him win the best trick award.

– More than 3000 fans watched the action live on the course and for the very first time, viewers at home had the opportunity to explore the venue through the latest augmented reality technology via a 3D model of the mountain on the Red Bull TV app.