It's those good ol' Insta-rumours again

The mountain biking internet is awash with rumours that Casey Brown might just become the first woman to compete in Red Bull Rampage.

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Caption: caseybrowntown “First taste of the Rampage site a couple weeks ago, nice to follow @garettbuehler just like when we were 5 years old. @gopro @bellbikehelmets @clifbar @dakine @trekbikes”

And another one of Casey’s Instagram posts…

Another angle of one of the step downs at the @redbullrampage site @dominik_lasecki ?

A post shared by Casey Brown (@caseybrowntown) on

Caption: caseybrowntown “Another angle of one of the step downs at the @redbullrampage site @dominik_lasecki”

First of all we need to say that there is no official word from Casey or any of her sponsors or indeed from Red Bull Rampage as to whether she is going to compete in this year’s Rampage or not.

This is all just rumours and excitement at the moment. We aren’t the only ones wondering – and hoping, if we’re honest – that Casey Brown will have a crack at Rampage later this year.

The two key things here are that 1) Casey has been spending a good deal of time down in Utah of late, and 2) Casey’s media profile has been very high in 2018. She’s been popping in various virally videos and web features.

If Casey does compete in Red Bull Rampage it will be a big thing. She’ll be the first female rider in the event since… ever.

It reminds us of the last time an eyebrow-raising competitor took part in Red Bull Page: a 14 year old called Kyle Strait back in 2001 (which was actually the very first Rampage ever, so the whole thing was eyebrow-raising really!)