Off the bike for six to eight weeks with a broken pelvis

This time last week it was Red Bull Rampage where Graham ‘Aggy’ Agassiz had a massive crash. Here’s an update on his condition from Kona.

As reported in our round-up of the key runs from Rampage, Aggy has broken his pelvis. He’ll be off the bike for six to eight weeks.


Aggy states: “My run was feeling really good, though I was getting blown [about] once I got to the mid ridge section of the line and at that point was almost on autopilot just trying to hang on and get down the mountain.

Photo by Ale di Lullo

Photo by Ale di Lullo

“As soon as I initiated the spin off of the lip it felt like it was going to come around perfect, I remember thinking to myself “I can’t believe I’m about to stomp the biggest move of my life!” But, as soon as I got to 270 degrees in my rotation I could see my landing strip and I could tell right away that I was slightly off of my mark.

“By the time I completed the spin it was too late, I clipped the overhanging rock shelf only two feet to the right of the top of the landing. This then immediately ejected my bike from beneath me, where all I could see was this big boulder protruding from the right side of the landing where all my momentum was being thrown into.

“The initial impact was beyond aggressive, as the right side of my torso then slammed and wrapped around this rock, and then I continued to get tossed down the rest of the landing, ragdolling to the bottom. The rush of pain that flooded my body was like nothing I have ever experienced before. I quickly checked to make sure my legs were still working which was a huge relief, but once that wave washed over me I knew it was bad.

“The pressure of competition definitely played a role in this incident. Looking back I went against all of my knowledge and experience of what I know can happen in these scenarios with the wind. On any other day I wouldn’t have dropped in.”

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Get well soon Aggy!

We wish Aggy a full and speedy recovery. We can’t wait to see him back on his bike.