Red Bull Rampage 101

Here’s the basics you need to know about when and how to watch the 2018 Red Bull Rampage. Plus: who’s riding and our tips for the podium spots.

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What time is it on?

The 2018 Red Bull Rampage is on today (Friday October 26th) from 6pm UK time.

Where’s the live stream?

Go over to the Red Bull Rampage page to stream the event live

Who’s going to win?

It’s extremely difficult to say. Even if we go off form and past Rampage performances there’s still the panel of judges to factor in.

The judges are always the wildcard with Rampage. It’s partly due to the nature of an event that’s based on judging things like ‘style’ and ‘amplitude’, rather than who’s fastest across a finish line etc.

Even in the modern era, that features a judging panel of past-Rampagers and similar experienced freeriders, there always seems to be some level of “he was robbed” type controversy. Even last year had Antoine Bizet’s mind-blowing double backflip being snubbed by the judges.

Then there’s the venue to consider. It’s new this year so we don’t really have much an idea as to who it suits best. Having said that, early info suggests that it’s a bit less ragged and sketchy than previous venues and as such may play into the hands of big boosting slopestylers as opposed to gnarled hcking freeriders.

One thing we can say is that the winner will be one of these names…

Kurt Sorge
Cameron Zink
Ethan Nell
Brandon Semenuk
Brett Rheeder
Thomas Genon
Carson Storch
Kyle Strait
Tyler McCaul
Tom van Steenbergen
Adolf Silva
Andreu Lacondeguy
Brendan Fairclough
DJ Brandt
Graham Agassiz
Jordie Lunn
Pierre Edouard Ferry
Reed Boggs
Rémy Métailler
Szymon Godziek
Vincent Tupin

Of these, the previous Rampage winners are Andreu Lacondeguy, Cameron Zink, Brandon Semenuk and Kurt Sorge.

And there are two Rampage virgins in the mix: DJ Brandt and Adolf Silva.

Who do we think will win?

Graham Agassiz.