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Canyon MTB flat pedals

Like most bike manufacturers, Canyon offers a range of in-house components, including bars, stems, saddles, and this new addition, the Performance Flat Pedal. The difference here is Canyon isn’t just…

Score 9

HT Supreme pedals

The HT Supreme starts life as a basic aluminium extrusion, which is then heavily CNC-machined. This trims meat from the leading edges and corners to boost clearance when leant over,…

Score 7

Time Speciale 12

Most of the Time pedals we’ve tested previously have had a composite (nylon) body but the Speciale 12 is the first that’s all aluminium. It features a quality 6106-T6 series…

Score 7

Nukeproof Horizon Pro Sam Hill Enduro

We’ve awarded Nukeproof’s Horizon Pro Downhill top marks several years on the bounce so this year we’re testing its slightly smaller sibling the Sam Hill Enduro. It uses a similar…

Score 9


This is the stealth black colourway edition of HT’s T2 Enduro pedal, which is £10 more than the base price. There’s also an oil slick finish for another £20. The…

Score 8

Gusset Slim Jim pedals

Although Gusset’s Slim Jim has been given a recent makeover, we never actually tested the original. What we do know is this Slim Jim is the cheapest pedal in our…

Score 8

Shimano Saint SPD pedal

Shimano’s latest Saint-level SPD is one of the biggest and heaviest clipless pedals on test but that meaty cage is pretty invisible when your foot is on it. Whether it…

Score 10

Shimano PD-ME700 pedals

Having gone back to clipless pedals recently, I can honestly say that being attached to your bike lets you ride faster on rough tracks. It’s also more efficient, and it…

Score 9

DMR Vault Mag mountain bike pedals 2023

One of the stone-cold classic MTB flat pedals, DMR’s Vault has earned multiple glowing reviews from us over the years. Its success lies in a deeply-dished platform with a big…

Score 9

Wolftooth pedal

By assumption, a flat pedal is just flat right? Not exactly. The best flat pedals have a slight amount of concavity machined into the platform, the idea being this keeps…

Score 9

SQlab 5OX pedals

The 5OX is a big slab of a pedal, the nylon reinforced platform is oversized in every direction and it rotates on top-end bearings, the idea being it’ll last just…

Score 8

French brand Look already has a solid reputation for high-quality clipless pedals and entered the flat pedal market a couple of years ago with a two-model range. Recently it has…

Score 4

Race Face Atlas pedals

The is a reboot of the Race Face Atlas flat pedal – one of the best flat pedals on the market – and to save you Googling the old design,…

Score 8

Marin Oso pedals

Marin’s not made a pedal for more than a quarter of a century, which is a testament to just how much mountain bike heritage the brand has. It’s also very…

Score 8

Deity Bladerunner

Plenty of the best flat pedals, like these Deity Bladerunners, strive to be super thin. In fact Deity claims they are its lowest profile (and lightest) model. But to achieve…

Score 6

Hope F22 pedals

It’s been a full decade since Hope launched its F20 flat pedal. Ample time, then, to iron out the problems with the old design, and come up with an improved…

Score 9

Chromag’s new Synth plastic flat pedal is based on the company’s machined Scareb, but it also shares a similar DNA to the Contact we tested a few years ago and…

Score 7

Specialized Supercaz ePedal in oilslick colours

The best mountain bike flat pedals of modern times all have one thing in common – their big, sturdy platform. The Supacaz ePedal looks to flip this on its head…

Score 7

Deity Deftrap pedal

Most flat pedal manufacturers now have a more affordable nylon option in their range and the latest with a placky-platform is Deity.

Score 9

ht gd1

The problem with single-sided clip-in pedals like the HT GD1 is that it’s rarely the right way up and you’re always going to struggle getting clipped in.

Score 6