A low-profile pedal that can't compete with the brand's own T-Mac model for grip and security.

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Deity Bladerunner pedals


  • Good bearing life. Very thin, meaning good clearance.


  • Shape is too flat. Slippery in wet conditions.


Deity Bladerunner pedals review


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Plenty of the best flat pedals, like these Deity Bladerunners, strive to be super thin. In fact Deity claims they are its lowest profile (and lightest) model. But to achieve such a slender profile, concavity always has to be sacrificed. This then means the pedal relies purely on outer edge pins sticking up more proudly than the ones in the middle, rather than the actual alloy platform of the pedal being dished out to cradle and stabilise the foot while riding.

At only 11mm tall, the Bladerunner’s skinny platform is certainly beneficial for extra ground clearance, and also wide enough to support a broad section of shoe soles. The bearing system is high-quality too, with a ‘load distribution’ design to stop the pedal bearing blowing out and separating from the platform. In fact, with the same design as Deity’s TMAC pedals I’ve used for years, bearing life is excellent – I’d rate it second behind benchmarks for durability such as Burgtec’s Penthouse Flats, and better than either Nukeproof Horizons or DMR Vaults in terms of ride time before pedals and axle get baggy.

I’m not the only one who thinks the search for wafer fin pedals is pure folly. I gave these pedals to two other riders to try and both agreed that the grip level had been compromised. Good durability isn’t enough if the pedal sticks up in the middle around the axle and reduces security.

Even using super-sticky soles from leading brands like Five Ten, my feet still skated around a little on the Bladerunner’s body, and both test riders complained of a lack of outright hold and stability on slimy days. I fully agree, and also found the pedal platform uncomfortable, with my foot clawing over the middle on long rides.



These Bladerunner pedals are very light, which is a noticeable advantage when cranking compared to plenty of 500g flat pedals out there, and being as thin as advertised does help reduce pedal strikes (if, for example, your bike has an exceptionally low BB). Aside from this though, you’ll find way more grip elsewhere (often for much less cash) and I’d recommend the brand’s huge TMAC if you want a very planted and secure Deity pedal and ground clearance is less of a priority.


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