The HT brand may have flown under your radar but if a lightweight platform pedal is on your wish list then give the T2 a look.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 8

HT T2 pedal


  • Lightest clipless pedal on test. Supplied with two sets of cleat, giving different release options. Well priced when compared to the Time Speciale 12 pedal. Deals with mud well.


  • The most flexible clipless pedal on test, a possible issue for heavy riders. A premium charged for the fancier colour options.


HT T2 pedal review


Price as reviewed:


This is the stealth black colourway edition of HT’s T2 Enduro pedal, which is £10 more than the base price. There’s also an oil slick finish for another £20. The finish looks pimp, but it doesn’t last – after one ride it was down to the metal in several places. We never scuffed this one though and that’s because there’s not a lot to it and it’s also heavily angled on the leading edge. Four replaceable pins per side add traction but they’re not adjustable.

The T2 sports a dual bearing assembly, one-part IGUS bushings, two-part mini cartridge bearing. This lot spins on a cro-mo steel axle, which has an 8mm hex socket on the end. 

There are two steel cleats in the box – an X-1 with four degrees of lateral float and an X-1F with eight degrees. There are four interlocking plastic shims to pack out the cleat if your cleat pocket on your shoe is too deep, two sets of bolts for the same, a bag of replacement pins and pedal washers for carbon crank use. You also get a socket for home servicing.

The mechanism on the T2 is a hybrid of Shimano and Crankbrothers. HT claims this makes it easier to clip into and also offers greater mud clearance because the front of the mechanism is totally open. We didn’t notice any increase in engagement speed but clogging issues were nonexistent.

It also has a surprising amount of lateral and rotational float, which is good if you have dodgy knees. What we did notice is the pedal flex, noticeably twisting twist during hard, out-of-saddle efforts. That won’t matter if you’re a race-tuned whippet but we’d recommend the burlier HT X2 if you’re not that tightly honed.


The HT T2 is the lightest clipless pedal in our group test but also the most flexible. For the year round rider it deals with mud well and the choice of supplied cleats lets you fine tune the pedal's release angle. If you're a lightweight rider these are a sound choice.


Weight:445g (pair)
Pedal size:90 x 90mm