An all-new version of an absolute classic pedal, the DMR Vault Mag still impress with their performance (and price!)

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DMR Vault Mag


  • Environmentally friendlier production techniques, Lightweight, Classic concave platform shape, Pricier titanium axle version available is super lightweight.


  • Pins are slightly less fangy than original Vaults, Magnesium is softer and easier to scuff up, No colour options.


DMR Vault Mag pedals review


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One of the stone-cold classic MTB flat pedals, DMR’s Vault has earned multiple glowing reviews from us over the years. Its success lies in a deeply-dished platform with a big surface area that really cradles the sole of your shoe. In addition, sorted pin placement, and durability in both the axle and bearing design, nailed after decades of refinement, make it a recommended product.

This all-new version uses a magnesium body with the same shape as the proven aluminium pedal, and also brings some bang up-to-date eco improvements. Its magnesium platform is machined from an extrusion made under pressure, that uses a more environmentally-friendly and less wasteful process than its predecessor, and most of the non-toxic material is extracted from seawater in the first place. DMR explains that there is almost zero excess metal left over from the process, and that any waste is recycled on site too.

With magnesium being lighter, there’s also an overall weight saving of around 30g a pair, which isn’t huge, but if you’re weight obsessed, DMR also offers a titanium-axled Superlight version that clocks in at only 332g a pair. It’ll cost you an extra £95 though, and there’s also an 85kg rider weight limit.

Whilst the Vault magnesium body is roughly the same shape as its alloy sibling, it’s only available in black, rather than a rainbow of colours, and the traction stud implementation is slightly different too; presumably because magnesium is a slightly softer material. 

Being softer means it’s easier to dent and scratch the platform, and DMR uses slightly thicker grip pins with a wider hex base, threaded in differently to better resist stripping the magnesium. Having these broader traction studs means grip is marginally diminished compared to standard Vaults, but you really need to ride with old and new pedals on either side of the bike (like I did) to notice any difference. Grip levels are still more than most flat pedals and plenty adequate.

DMR’s Vault Mag is dialled with a planted, secure connection with the shoe, the ball of your foot is well-cradled and a more dished-out platform than some slightly flatter flat pedals like the latest Hopes or Burgtecs I also rate. It offers the proven reliability of the same tough cro-mo axle and bearings/DU bush set-up that’s stood up well to my abuse over the years.


DMR’s new production process for its magnesium Vault has reduced the price and weight, so they’re now a bit lighter, yet the same price as aluminium, but equally importantly brought improved environmental practices to the table. Whether that’s enough to ditch the bike-matching colours, a slightly more refined, angular platform with sharper edges and a smidge more bite from pins of the the regular Vault is up to you to decide.


Weight:390g pair
Options:Steel axle (tested) and titanium axle
Colours:Painted black only