They may be plastic, but Look's Trail Roc Fusion pedals are far from fantastic.

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LOOK Trail ROC Fusion Pedals


  • Lightweight and inexpensive.


  • Convex profile is uncomfortable and lacks grip. Much better options out there for the same price.


Look Trail Fusion pedals review


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French brand Look already has a solid reputation for high-quality clipless pedals and entered the flat pedal market a couple of years ago with a two-model range. Recently it has expanded its offering to include two new options; the Trail Fusion and Trail Roc +. 

The cheaper and lighter of the pair is this inexpensive Trail Roc Fusion that follows the familiar path of a cro-mo axle with a composite (reinforced plastic) platform and spread-out metal traction pins. With only seven studs per side there are less than most flat pedals, but the pins do sensibly thread in from underneath, so you can get them out to replace if they get damaged or bent in a crash. The plastic is well finished and seems better quality than some similar products too.

Unfortunately, that’s about the limit of positive attributes, as, like the other pedal in Look’s range, the overall body shape is something I hoped I’d seen the back of after decades riding and rating flat pedals of all shapes and sizes.

How so? Well, seeing as just about every flat pedal review for years (not just here in MBR) has complained about convex pedals where centre portions covering the axle are raised above than edges, it’s crazy that Look is trying to compete in such a crowded market place with two different models using exactly that design. 

The issue with this raised-in-the-middle shape is not only that it negatively affects grip as the sole of the foot isn’t cradled, it’s also very uncomfortable as feet ‘claw’ over the pedal and can ache and tire, especially on long downhills where you’re stood up with all your weight on the pedal body whilst being pummelled by bumps for extended periods.

Given that Look says they were designed in collaboration with freeride star Thomas Genon, we’d expect better. Perhaps mostly riding slopestyle means he doesn’t feel the need for ultimate grip and extended comfort on long, rough descents. 


Just about the only other redeeming features of the Fusion is that it is very lightweight, inexpensive and the broad cutaway shoulders maximise ground clearance and help prevent clipping the pedals on obstructions that can cause nasty crashes. The problem is, brands such as Burgtec offer pedals with a similar price and construction that are much more comfortable and secure. And that’s where we’d suggest you spend your money instead.  


Colours:Red, Ice Blue, Black, Lime, Purple