HT has a large range of clip-in and flat pedal options. As the name suggests, the Supreme is the brand's flagship flat pedal – it certainly looks the part in this oil-slick finish.

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Score 7

HT Supreme pedals


  • Great value for money. Lightweight. Quality IGUS busing and cartridge bearing assembly


  • Central ridge disrupts foot placement and stability. A tiny bit of play in the axle on our test pedals


HT Supreme pedal review


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The HT Supreme starts life as a basic aluminium extrusion, which is then heavily CNC-machined. This trims meat from the leading edges and corners to boost clearance when leant over, as well as saving precious grams. On the scales, the HT Supreme is a good 70g lighter than the Burgtec Penthouse MK5 and Nukeproof Horizon Sam Hill Enduro.

HT mixes pin designs on the Supreme’s platform, with three being a set-screw style that threads in from the top, while the rest are all inserted in from underneath. It also uses a replaceable SAP washer system, so you can tune the height of the latter by just removing a small steel washer from the head of each pin.

HT Supreme pedals

This oil slick finish is one of the dozen colour options for the HT Supreme pedal

On the axle, HT combines a quality self-lubricating IGUS bushing with mini cartridge bearings. A little bit of lateral play developed in the axle during the test period, but the bearings are still perfectly smooth.

In terms of size, the platform is on par with Nukeproof’s benchmark Horizon, but oddly it feels smaller. The platform has around 3mm of concavity when measured from the outside to the centre, but it has a raised centre section and I could feel this under my foot when riding. As a result, the Supreme isn’t quite as stable, and with that extra height on the inside, my foot didn’t feel as planted. This won’t matter for smooth, mellow trails, but ride anywhere rough or steep and you’ll have to work a little harder to keep your feet planted.


The HT Supreme is well-made and good value – the oil slick adds £20 to the bottom line but it’s still £10 less than most brands charge. The sharp pins offer a good amount of bite, are easy to remove and the height adjustability is a nice touch. My main issue with the Supreme pedal is that it just feels a little small, and that central ridge can disrupt foot placement and stability.


Weight :388g
Platform thickness:15mm
Platform size:100x100mm