With a CNC-machined aluminium platform and similar dimensions to the Nukeproof Sam Hill, the Slim Jim's vital stats look promising. As does the price tag.

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Score 8

Gusset Slim Jim pedal


  • Well shaped platform. Slim profile. Thin replaceable pins give excellent bite. Great value.


  • Only one colour option. CNC machined platform not as strong as a forged construction.


Gusset Slim Jim pedal review


Price as reviewed:


Although Gusset’s Slim Jim has been given a recent makeover, we never actually tested the original. What we do know is this Slim Jim is the cheapest pedal in our group test and has a CNC-machined 6061-series aluminium platform, which is roughly the same size as the Nukeproof Sam Hill. It also has a concave profile, but rather than a constant radius front to back and side to side, Gusset just machines off a few millimetres of aluminium to lower the centre of the pedal. 

The platform has 10 pins per side and at 3mm diameter these are some of the thinnest on test, offering really good bite into soft-soled shoes. They all thread in from the back, so if you snap one you can easily remove the broken stump. Oddly, one of the pinholes was machined a little deeper than the others.

Running through the Slim Jim is a pretty standard cro-mo axle, with 6mm hex fitting. The bearing assembly combines a mini cartridge with an LSL (lightweight self-lubricating) bushing and there’s a small rubber axle seal to stop dirt ingress. 

The Slim Jim doesn’t have the stronger forged construction of the Sam Hill nor is it as nicely finished as the CNC’d Burgtec but it’s a cracking little pedal for the money. If you want something that’s nicer looking and a bit stiffer than a nylon/plastic pedal but don’t want to pay top dollar this is a good gateway pedal. The sharp pins have good bite, the platform has a nice curve and it’s also pretty symmetrical, so even though it’s a smaller size our feet were always centred and secure. There’s only one colour option but it also looks stealth. It’s one that’s definitely passed under our radar.



Previously untested by us, the Slim Jim pedals delivers well and at a keen price point. A great shape, slim profile and excellent pin placement make this a cracking option but with no colour options you'll have to settle for them in stealthy black.


Weight:402g (pair)
Platform size:94 x 102mm